2003 Mazda B4000 4.0L




Bought it used from a dealer in summer; it had a heater problem, mechanics didn't solve the issue, but my dad did; turns out the heat sensor failed and we took it out, so it was an added feature in comparison to our 1994 Ford Ranger.

"Door ajar" sensor issues due to one of the door's sensors. Now it's gone. At one point I braked too hard and the "ABS" computer failed. Mechanic couldn't resolve the issue (same one with the heater, not the brightest light bulb, out in the country, not much of an option) so now I drive without the ABS feature; keeps me alert.

Had to change the entire rear transmission because of a bimbo high school blonde in a convertible car rear ending me. $1700 in repairs after a month; mental note, should've reported to collision center.

Worn out steering wheel. Missing center console. Bought a new battery.

General Comments:

Reliable in the country, it's meant to be a workhorse. It wants the bed to be loaded with stuff. Used it for landscaping, hauling and towing. Always did the job when it came to do the heavy stuff.

Used the truck in flooded areas without problems, 4x4 always got me through a lot of complicated areas, especially backwoods. It's not a "real truck" like an F-150, but it got the job done. In areas where it was too narrow for other trucks, this one got through no problems.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th November, 2012