2008 Mazda RX8 Sport 1.3 rotary


This is a unique and entertaining car that will meet more needs than one


The clutch pedal bracket started squeaking before the 36,000 mile mark, which was addressed by Mazda. The mechanics suggested a little bit of lubrication, which they applied at no cost to me. The noise went away for a little bit, but slowly came back. Brought back to dealership, and they replaced it under warranty.

Otherwise, no major issues out of the ordinary.

General Comments:

The RX-8 has been an absolute joy to drive. It's regularly taken to the track and beat on, and the engine is very strong at its current mileage. This car can pull double duty in your daily life. Haul the family to the track, then have a blast while you're there!

My 8 did develop a noise during high revs, something that the rx8club.com guys like to call "marbles in a can" or MIAC for short. This is usually a symptom of excessive carbon buildup on the apex seals on the rotors, which causes a multitude of drivability issues. I did some Zoom Cleaner (bought from Mazda) and it seems to have made it go away.

These cars are known to be finicky when it comes to driving habits, such as: warming the car up fully before driving it above 3k, try not to lug the engine in the lower RPM, check the oil every other gas fill-up, and a "redline a day keeps the mechanic away" motto.

The general maintenance on the vehicle is inexpensive compared to other cars in its class. In the time I have had the vehicle, I've replaced oil and filter, cabin air filter, front brake pads, coils, wires, spark plugs, transmission and differential fluid, and tires. All typical maintenance stuff, and it won't break the bank. The catalytic converter is covered to 85k miles and the engine core at 100k/8 years.

These cars are "known" to drink gas and oil, only one is a myth. A tank of gas will only typically last 200 miles with just city driving, but I have seen as high as 23 highway, which isn't all that great, but I didn't buy a sports car to save gas. The oil consumption is typically one quart between oil changes (3k miles), so again, it's not a huge deal. The car is great, just keep on the maintenance!

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Review Date: 11th December, 2012

16th Dec 2012, 18:01

The RX-8 looks and drives great. However, the rotary engine is very thirsty, and too high maintenance. Maybe this is why Mazda is dropping the car.