C-Class C320 3.4 gasoline

I was very disappointed with the safety of the car and MBUSA

95 words

C-Class C240 2.6L V6

Excellent and reliable vehicle

173 words

C-Class C240 Wagon 2.6L

Pretty good for a used car

595 words

C-Class 230 Sport Sedan 1.8 supercharged

Deceptively appealing

226 words, 2 comments

C-Class 230 Kompressor

Worst car

141 words

C-Class Kompressor 4 cylinder, supercharged

This car is amazing!

69 words


Piece of junk!

162 words, 2 comments

C-Class C230 1.8L K

41 words

C-Class C240 2.6L

Great luxury sedan for the $$$. I would buy another one!

128 words

C-Class C320 3.2L V6

Sport and luxury, w/safety and security

699 words, 12 comments

C-Class AWD

Great car, awful service

83 words

C-Class C240

Nice to have a Benz, but my Maxima was quicker with nicer leather

33 words

C-Class C320 3.2 liter V6

The best in its class

85 words, 2 comments

C-Class C240 2,597-cc SOHC 18-valve 90

Satisfying entry-level luxury sedan

122 words, 3 comments