2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E55 AMG 5.5L Supercharged


Leather lined rocket sled



General Comments:

This car is sensationally fast. It feels much faster than my 2005 Corvette, even though the published performance figures are virtually identical. The Airmatic DC adjustable suspension produces noticeably different handling and ride characteristics in its 3 different settings, unlike other less-sophisticated adjustable suspensions. What I like best about this car is how it's a smooth, quiet luxury car until I mash the gas pedal - it has a Jekyll/Hyde personality. Very fun. Only complaint is that the harmon/kardon stereo system is not loud enough.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005

22nd Mar 2007, 21:46

With 700NM of torque, these monsters have more torque than the 2007 E63, which is meant to be the successor to the E55!

These really are awesome machines. Surprised to hear the complaint about the Harmon Kardon. The sound system could have easily been upgraded. One of the best sound systems I have heard was in an E55.

More surprise is the lack of comments re the prodigious thirst. The E55 really knows how to drink when it is performing.

23rd Mar 2007, 10:43

In this class of car fuel consumption really isn't an issue, especially when the car is sort of competing with something like the Maserati Quattroporte which is EPA rated at around 9 mpg city.

Personally I'm waiting for some sort of hybrid/fuel cell/advanced diesel that offers the same amount of performance as the gas AMGs.

Normally Mercedes wouldn't touch that in this class of car, but EU regulations are going to start getting more stringent so they will have to find a happy medium.

2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 CDI 3.2 I6 turbo diesel


Pat Goss drives one, as does Willie Nelson, but don't let the celeb endorsements sell it, go drive 1


Oil change reminder came on early... that was traced to a dealer fault when he programed the car for me.

MB is not at fault.

General Comments:

This car is too good to be true. You have a 4000lb sedan, with a top safety rating, 369ft/lbs of torque and a 0-60 in 6.6 seconds! AND all of this with 37mpg? Someone pinch me!

I can't say enough about how well made, and tightly fitting the interior is. They spared no expense on the leather, wood and plastics they used. Solid chrome is real.. not plaster with painted or applied on fake chrome.

The seats are sturdy and comfortable, made of a high grade leather and vinyl. They're also shaped about as good as any seat I've been in except that of a Volvo.

The car is filled with tons of features that you'd expect from a top end car, such as automatic window shade, and head rests... fully programmable passenger and driver seats.. The steering wheel and drivers seat move out of the way as you enter or exit the car. The bi-xenon lights are auto leveling and directional.

There is a comprehensive on board computer for various features to be turned on or off such as they daylight running lamps, the time delay on the lights after you exit the car (both headlights and interior). You can program just about every feature of the car to be on or off, and various perimeters as well.

The car is dead quiet above the speed of 30.. and below 30, only during acceleration do you even hear a faint smooth diesel sound. Not the clanky diesels I remember. Furthermore, there is no smoke or soot from the exhaust, and there is absolutely no vibration at idle inside the car.

The handling with the 17" 245/45 tires is also amazing for a car of this size. A car designed to cruise at 150mph has to have a great suspension, but this exceeds any of my expectations.

I cannot recommend this car strongly enough.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2005

10th Sep 2005, 17:16

Wow, sounds good. Can you lend me 50 grand or so so I can buy this outrageously priced car?

11th Sep 2005, 04:15

At current conversion rates, US$50K = NZ$71K. Gees, you Americans get your cars CHEAP. That money will only get you a Merc C180K here! Haven't checked, but that car would be worthy about NZ$30K more here (that's a good US$21K more!)