1984 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300 SD 3.0 turbo diesel


One hell of a car, with great looks


-Air cleaner housing bracket broke, making the box rattle bad - changed $15

-Odometer didn't work when I bought it.

-Engine shock absorbers were gone when I got it.

-Sunroof didn't work

-Needed New glow plugs

-Glow plug relay went out about 6 months after I bought it. Simple fix, low cost $70 + labor

- #1 Injector leaked, needed new hoses and some adjustments $250 + labor.

- Tranny leak, just keep on adding Lucas.

General Comments:

A really awesome car!! The above problems, weren't really big deal. The Air cleaner bracket just needed to be replaced, relatively simple to do, if you can get your hands in there.

The glow plug relay blew, which made the car to turn over, but not start. I had it fixed as I couldn't find the problem myself. That plus the injector lines, all fixed, relatively inexpensive.

I haven't had any problems since, and the car ran perfect, looked perfect and a joy to drive.

I upgraded it a little here and there, and it was by far, My Baby! I loved it, cherished it, and finally let it go, as I wanted something else.

It's really a great car, which needs little to no exceptional maintenance. Change the oil and regular specified maintenance, and those lovely 300SD's run for 600k miles easy.

I would buy one again in the near future, as it is I might say, one of the best cars for that age on the road, that still hasn't aged that much, and looks fantastic.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2005

28th Nov 2008, 14:31

I bought my 1984 300SD in 1992 with 157,000 miles on it. After a few months of flawless operation, I contacted the original owner and asked why he'd sold such a fine car. He answered that he'd become "afraid of the high mileage." Ha! It now has well over 300,000 (practically carefree) miles on it... with no major problems at all... This big car gets a shade over 31 mpg on the highway and between 24 to 26 mpg in town (I'm an ex-semi driver and retired commercial pilot.)

Aside from my son's nagging me to buy a new car,I love this car and intend to keep it until I "kick the bucket." I'm 78. Go Diesel!

1984 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 380SE Gasoline


This car is an economical investment in first class driving


Replaced all four tires.

Replaced broken steering damper.

Installed new muffler.

Repaired right rear power window mechanism.

Replaced leaking power steering gearbox.

Replaced engine computer and idle valve.

Replaced (seized) smog pump.

Replaced instrument lamp rheostat.

General Comments:

Car is solid with no rust after 20 years of service.

Despite its size and weight, the car is very responsive and comfortable for both short and long drives.

Total cost invested in car is less than $5,000.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2004

1984 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 500SEC 5.0 litre V8


Reliable luxury, modestly priced


Water pump failed. Dealer replaced under warranty. The main problem with this car was that it wasn't driven enough.

Hairline crack in brake rotor which made a 'tuning fork' hum. Dealer replaced under warranty.

Electrical system problems, heater switch kept blowing. Dealer rewired fuse box, end of problem.

Aerial motor is dead.

General Comments:

This car is heavy and fast.

Because it's a rear wheel drive and because of its beautiful engineering it can turn on a dime and give you change.

The suspension is wonderfully stiff so car does not have any lateral sway. The faster it goes the better the ride.

The seats are incredibly comfortable and supportive.

The brakes are incredible. My previous car, a big Pontiac Bonneville, always felt like the brakes could barely handle the weight of the car. The Benz has brakes 25% larger than average (The Mercedes salesperson told me this), and I believe him every time I apply the brake pedal.

The car is classically handsome.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2003

3rd Jan 2009, 21:42

A-men! I have a 1984 500 SEC I purchased from the original owner 2 years ago...43K miles... wonderful car, it's like going down the freeway on a sofa... solid ride, comfort, room unsurpassed... today's cars may have more HP, but they don't ride like this baby...