1970 Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL 2.8 ltr


A keeper


Distributor rebuilt.

Injection pump rebuilt.

Trunk tends to get wet under mat in rain or after washing.

General Comments:

A gorgeous, beautifully assembled machine that is the last of the hand-built vehicles. Triple-plated chromed brass, leather everywhere, even a gas cap that is a work of art... A nice example of a Pagoda is a stunning piece of workmanship. Buy it and own it forever without a moment of regret.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2008

15th Oct 2009, 05:51

As a Pagoda owner myself, I'm in complete agreement except for the fact, that these cars were hand-built. The correct term would be partially hand-finished.

As you mention, the FI pump is the Achilles heel as it is both complicated and expensive to replace if it packs up.

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