W116 420SEL 4.2L V8

Awesome car, if you don't mind paying at the gas pump

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W116 300SD 3.0L

326 words

W116 Sedan Diesel 300SD

Once you have a babe like this, you'll never let her go

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W116 300 SD 3.0 turbo diesel

Good solid car, handles great, easy on fuel, I'm happy with mine!

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W116 450sel 6.9 6.9 litre V8

The 6.9 Sedan

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W116 450 SEL 4.5L V8

Fun, stylish, reliable, but thirsty

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W116 300SD 3.0Turbo diesel

Potentially a great car

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W116 300SD turbo diesel

The Silver Bullet rides forever

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W116 280SE 2.8 gas

I love the car

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W116 450SE 4.5L gasoline

U-turns like a hatchback, and turns heads as a classic car should do

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W116 450 SEL 4.5

German Engineering, need I say more

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