Mystique GS

A very well-designed sedan, flawed by quality issues in some components

279 words

Mystique GS

Great car for college students

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Buyer Beware

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56 words

Mystique LX 2.5

Not worth the money

24 words

Mystique GS 2.0L


28 words

Mystique V6 Sport LS 2.5L V6

The Mercury Mystake.. 'Sport'

219 words

Mystique LS V6


35 words

Mystique GS 2.5L V6

Good car for everyday errands, but has some faults

112 words

Mystique GS 2.0

A rolling junkyard

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Mystique GS

Reliable value, comfortable, efficient

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Mystique 2.5 Duratec V6

Very good car

124 words

Mystique LS 2.5L Duratec V6

It's a great little car

129 words

Mystique LS V6

The correct pronunciation is MISTAKE!

152 words

Mystique LS 2.5 Litre V6

Fun to drive, cheap to own, and worth paying for the top of the line model

249 words

Mystique GS 2.0 liter 4 cylinder

When you buy it from someone who cared for it as well, it can be a pretty nice and cheap car.

175 words

Mystique sport 2.0 (?)

You'd be crazy to buy this

52 words

Mystique GS Spree 2.0

Looks good, drives well, falls apart

83 words

Mystique LS V6 2.4

Worst car I've ever been in

90 words

Mystique GS Spree 2.0 Liter Zetec

I love it and am buying another. I would recommend it to anyone

313 words

Mystique SE 2.2

The biggest mistake of my life!!

266 words, 7 comments

Mystique LS 2.5L V6

A car to avoid at all costs - shop elsewhere.

362 words, 5 comments

Mystique GS 2.0L 16v 4 cylinder

A great all around product - If you can't lift the trunk or change bulbs, consider public transit!!!

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Mystique LS V4 2.5

Best car I ever owned

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Mystique SE

39 words, 1 comment

Mystique GS 2.0L 4 cylinder

Have not had it long enough to form a strong opinion yet

63 words, 2 comments

Mystique LE

I can't believe these problems! I wish I could get rid if it!

188 words, 11 comments


Worst car ever built, stay away

263 words, 1 comment

Mystique GS 2.0L

It's a Mercury Mistake

120 words, 5 comments

Mystique GS 4 cylinder

Piece of junk and a complete waste of money

48 words

Mystique LX V6 24 valve

Solid and good value

143 words, 3 comments

Mystique SE 4-banger

All in all this car is the ultimate piece of crap

145 words, 2 comments

Mystique LX 2.5 V6

The car would be perfect, but the engine, transmission, brakes, etc..

886 words, 20 comments

Mystique LS 2.5L Dura-Tech

I think this one may go 300,000 miles or more

88 words, 1 comment

Mystique GS 2.0


45 words

Mystique LS V6

Those Mexicans really know how to build a great car!

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Mystique LX 2.5 V6

Mercury's attempt to compete with the European market is inexpensive and it shows it

123 words, 2 comments

Mystique GL 2.0 4 cylinder.

Don't do it

87 words, 1 comment

Mystique GS 2.5L Duratec V6

Performance bargain with questionable reliability

122 words, 2 comments

Mystique LS 2.5l V6 24 Valve

48 words

Mystique LS 2.5L Duretec V6

98 words, 9 comments