Mystique LX 2.5L V6

Aggressive maintenance is key to make this car GREAT!

176 words

Mystique LX 2.5 V6

Good used buy

258 words

Mystique LS V6

Never ever

44 words

Mystique GS V4

The car looks great, but the constant problem I get I a year is too much

159 words

Mystique LX 2.5L

A good value, fairly solid car

241 words

Mystique LS 2.5L V6

Fast and Furious

31 words

Mystique 2.0

Never buy a used Ford product, especially Mercury MISTAKE

201 words, 11 comments

Mystique GS 2.0

An excellent buy

43 words

Mystique LS 2.5L Duratec V6

Poor man's BMW

386 words

Mystique LS 2.5L V6

Really special. Fast!

112 words, 1 comment

Mystique GS 4 cylinder

Not a quality car

44 words, 2 comments

Mystique 4 cylinder

A wonderful, high performance, low maintenance family car that is a good bargain and looks nice

101 words