1994 Mercury Sable GS 3.8L V6


An excellent family car that is economical, but not cheap


All of the spark plugs and plug wires had to be replaced at 110,000 miles. I believe this is just regular maintenance, though.

The muffler fell off at 153,000 miles, but I think that was because my husband was drove it through a field.

The grille lights burn out frequently, and are difficult to replace.

General Comments:

The car handles very well in all types of weather, and the anti-lock brakes are a plus.

It rides comfortably, and is roomy enough for a family of four.

The trunk space is ample.

With periodic maintenance, I think my Sable will be good for at least another 60,000 miles (if not more).

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002

1994 Mercury Sable GS 3.8 OHV


A high power and dependable car


Just a starter and transmission as well as rust and a leaking driver side window and door.

General Comments:

I love the power and take off as well as the smooth ride and power options on the car. However, the 3.8L engine is a gas sucker and front alinement is easily messed up if you hit a curb or pot hole.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2002

1994 Mercury Sable GS 3.0


Good car, just bad transmission


Just found out that the transmission needs to be rebuilt at a cost of $1600.

Water pump blew at 68,000 miles.

Passenger window will not roll up from passenger side. Driver's door must be open all the way to be able to roll it up.

Fuel cylanoid went out at 63,000 miles. Took over $300 first til we found the problem.

Hazard light switch has a short that makes the turn signals, cruise control and hazard lights not work.

General Comments:

Loved the size of the trunk. Couldn't ask for anymore room.

Wish the transmission wouldn't have gone out.

I really enjoyed owning this car.

Very comfortable to ride in on long trips. Even the kids agree.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2001

1994 Mercury Sable GS wagon


A dependable, sturdy car at a reasonable price


100,000 miles - water pump replaced.

Door seals worn (originals) and leaky.

Right front passenger door lock switch replaced once.

Have gone through lots of bulbs for the front "teeth" (running lights). Other bulbs last lots longer.

Steering wheel wiring must be faulty - since 50,000 miles or so cannot use turn signal if windshield wipers are on - the wipers will stop! Cruise control works intermittently - found out if a brake/tail lamp is out it goes out then too!

General Comments:

Love it. If they still made wagons that looked and ran this nicely, I'd buy another! This one has been through many miles and 6 kids and still going strong.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2001

1994 Mercury Sable GS 3.0


Very reliable if properly maintained


Transmission went out at 80,000 miles - dealer had a new transmission installed and the car was back on road within 24 hours.

2 of 4 ower window motors and the power seat did not work smoothly (per the 1st owner's maintenance records) - dealer corrected.

Right rear power window motor went out at 90,000 miles - was very easy to replace.

General Comments:

The car is too heavy for this engine, but gets decent mileage.

Even with the transmission problem, this has been a very reliable car and I anticipate it will go another 100,000 miles.

Wish it had the 3.8L for the power, but otherwise a great car.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2001

26th Nov 2001, 16:45

Our passenger back window went out too. Our drivers back door won't lock or unlock w/power locks. The looks on the door won't work anymore w/the key.

The drivers door hinge on the frame, moves around and around. It's been a good car, other wise.

9th Mar 2003, 12:41

I have 1994 Sable. Engine has gone bad at 64000 miles. It passed Arizonw Smog check 3 months ago. It had oil. Last night on 8th March 2003 it threw a rod in the engine. I got towed to Pep Boys. I wonder how can I get Mercutry to fix/replace engine. Engine came bad from Factory. I had heard 1993/1994 Ford Taurus/Sable had Engine problem. Please help at e-mail: sprasad@rbf.com.

29th Jul 2004, 02:36

I have a 95 Mercury Sable GS and let me just say that I have had nothing, but tranmission problems.

I will never buy another car made by that Manufacturer again.

22nd May 2005, 03:46

Oh... you don't wish you had the 3.8 liter.. head gasket problems aplenty. I've had relatively few problems with my 3.0 liter Sable other than rebuilding the tranny at 120,000. Oh, passenger side doesn't work w/key, and hinge on driver door is "loose".. door doesn't stay open on it's own unless the car is pointed downhill on a slope..

24th Aug 2009, 22:57

I love my 1994 Mercury Sable Wagon. It's 15 years old now, but still runs great. I only have like 85k original miles in it. Everything works well except for the keyless entry, which I really don't care if I have it or not.

I feel very safe when I am in this car.

I just love it!!!

26th Dec 2009, 23:50

A curse on the 3.8 liter V6! Many good cars are rusting in peace because of it... The 3.0 may seem underpowered to some, but it will drive forever. I love my Sable. It's just over 252,000 kilometers, and going strong. The only real major problem I've had was the steering rack. It had a slow leak for a while, and unlike other Taurus/Sables my parents have owned power steering sealer didn't fix it, and it eventually leaked like a faucet. 600 bucks to replace. Other than that, pretty tough, safe car. Even with the glitches that have come up, it's almost 15 years old. I don't care if a couple of power windows or power locks don't work.

1994 Mercury Sable LX 3.8


Looks nice, piece of crap


Head gasket x2, 3rd time on rebuilt.

Transmission failure at 60k and on 60k in a used transmission.

Rotor problems, engine mounts, body mounts.

Short in cruise (could not shut it off).

Short in the A/C.

Body, leather interior and exhaust have been excellent.

MPG good.

If the engine and drive train were better designed, I'd keep it!.

General Comments:

Ford knew of the transmission problems and did little.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2000

11th Jun 2001, 19:00

I have a '94 Sable LS, and recently experienced seemingly similar transmission problems. As you state, Ford engineers knew of problems with AXOD/AOD-E transmission as early as 1986 - but did nothing!

I'm calling tommorrow to act initiate arbitration proceedings.

Drive safely.

Roger Crane

57 Forest Hill Crescent

Fonthill, ON

L0S 1E1 Canada