1988 Mitsubishi Cordia L 2.0


A cheap, but decent car


Timing belt went at about 123000, clutch and drive axles wear on there way out at 124500.

General Comments:

This is a good car with good gas mileage. it is decent acceleration at higher RPM's and has a good suspension in it. It is a reliable car and very uncommon. I wish they still made this car, but with better power. It is hard to find after-market parts for. But all in all it is a good car.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

1984 Mitsubishi Cordia L 2.0


Mitsubishi's bread and butter in the 1980's


This car is unsafe. I have been in three minor collisions with this vehicle from street racing, and the damage assessment was downright frightening.

General Comments:

The seats are ideal for small to average-sized drivers. The exterior design remains clean and tasteful despite its age. Ride and handling is smooth and stable on smooth pavement due to larger tires, longer wheelbase and less body lean compared to the competition at the time. This slick fastback was one of the few Japanese cars that had personality. I pray they follow Volkswagen and see the lucrative benefits of nostalgia by reviving an old nameplate.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002

13th Nov 2004, 23:46

My parents wrecked out 88 Cordia L 5 spd and it seemed to hold up. I got put back together then handed down to my dad then my dad traded it in and I bought it back. Its currently going into the shop for a 4g63T engine swap heh. Time to have a rare car beat up on some new quicker cars and have them not know what the hell just beat them!!

15th Jun 2017, 21:28

You felt the car was unsafe, yet continued to street race with it?