1988 Mitsubishi Galant S


One of the true failures in Japanese engineering


Electronic Suspension system failed. $4,000 to fix. (I elected to skip this)

Leaky rack and pinion. Over $1000 to fix. (I elected to skip this also)

Engine suddenly began leaking oil and seized up within a few miles of this revelation. This was the end of my experience with this vehicle.

General Comments:

For what it was, the Gallant was a very comfortable, very sporty little vehicle.

Unfortunately, the mid-80's Gallants had a fatal flaw - the "Electronic Control Suspension". This great idea (user-selectable suspension modes) had a notorious habit of failing, dropping the entire suspension to the ground, with the result being that the car acted as though it had no shocks whatsoever, and inevitably failing inspection, with the only answer being to replace it with a mechanical suspension at an absolutely prohibitive cost.

If you find one of these, make sure the E.C.S. has already been replaced, or stay far, far away!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 9th January, 2003

6th Jun 2003, 18:03

I would not want to subscribe to the inferred opinion that the Electronic Controlled Suspension is a wasted invention.

Perhaps it is a bit clumsy on a Mitsubishi Gallant, but I feel it is still a comfort worth having.

Improving on this technology is not a bad idea after all.

A basic understanding of its working is imperative for all users though. I may not be a qualified auto mechanic. In fact, I do not qualify for anything better than a Mitsubishi enthusiast, but I would want to share this little knowledge on the functioning of an Electronic Controlled Suspension.

An air pump supplies silica-dried air to a compressor, which compresses the air and sends to the suspensions via a set of valves.

However, the pump, compressor, valves and shock absorber air inlets are controlled by an electronic "brain", which the driver can manipulate from the dashboard.

If we all understand these, and the added fact that one bad shock can made the whole bunch spoil, we should be better able to tolerate this great invention, and appreciate the comfort, versatility and maneuverability it offers.

I use an Electronic Controlled Suspension equipped Gallant. My Electronic Controlled Suspension is presently out of other, but I would give in everything (almost everything) to have it back in shape.