1988 Mitsubishi L300 LS 2.4 liter


This little van is a head turner!


I haven't owned this precious little van for long, but I just adore it's looks. I fell in love with it when I saw it and had to have it. It is cream colored with wide gold stripes down the sides and along the bottom. People have commented that it looks like a Jurasic Park vehicle, a casino shuttle van, Scooby Doo's van...etc. It drives like a dream too. It originally came from California so it is virtually rust free. The interior is in great shape. I love the tracks that the seats move on. You can position the two "captains" chairs wherever you want them. They also swivel all the way around so that you can face the people in the back seat. The only thing that has gone wrong with the van thus far is the alternator, which we are replacing. The van has 193,000 miles on the body and chasis. I've been told by the seller that the engine was replaced with a used engine 7-9 months ago.

General Comments:

We are taking our van on vacation to Missouri from Michigan in April. And just try to find one like ours. Good luck. It's a keeper!!!

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2005

5th Nov 2009, 00:41

My parents had an L300 (I never knew that's what it was called) and it is still my favorite van/car/vehicle to this day. Since there were so few of them it really is a joy to hear that other North American families enjoyed the 'ugly van'

When I was little my siblings and I argued over the 'turn around seats' (the captains chairs) which conveniently had a stretchy belt and a more firm belt.

I often wonder if the L300 was the inspiration for Chrysler putting the swivel captains chairs in their new van.

I cried when my parents L300 died.