2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited 2.4


Highly recommend this as a family friendly SUV. Easy to drive, and easy on the pocket book


One tail light was retaining moisture, required replacement, $100.

General Comments:

This is one great car! Bought used to replace my wife's Lexus, totaled in an accident. The quality of the car was very evident after a short test drive. The car, being a 4 cylinder, is a bit buzzy at full throttle, but the transmission is very well suited for the power available. Once up to speed, the car is quiet and the road noise is dependent on the tires and road surface.

The interior is well thought out; there's even an analog clock on the dash! The Limited has heated leather seats and they are comfy for the average height driver. My son, 6'4", has no problems with head or legroom. Back seat head and legroom is generous. Rear seat backs adjust for inclination as well as drop down for cargo room. Under the rear cargo area is more storage. Child seat tethers are installed.

All the usual bells & whistles to be expected. Cruise control is very accurate, even up inclines. The steering is precise and very nice over a long trip. Brakes are super responsive and very powerful. Found this out when the car in front of me swerved to avoid an object on the freeway and I didn't have the luxury of a clear lane beside me. I hit the brakes hard and the car slowed down rapidly and with complete control.

The only interior items I would improve on are the 3 switches for the A/C, rear defrost and the recirculate, clustered in the center console. They each have a small LED that is very difficult to see in the daytime. I constantly have to lean over to see or shade with my hand. If the switch would stay recessed when on, I could just tell if it was on or not.

AWD is fabulous. It is constant and not computer controlled. No internal slippage is ever felt. No binding or chattering.

Power wise I would have liked a V6, but it does well with just a couple of people on board. Load it up with people and gear and you do notice that the 4 cylinder is working to get it up to speed. Downshifts happen often when loaded and a slight incline is encountered.

Fuel mileage is less than I had hoped for, about 20-21 MPG in town. Once on the highway it jumps to around 28-30 MPG.

Overall I believe the Outlander is an excellent choice for a "round town runner" and highway. Not so much as a pack mule. Reliability is paramount for me as I want to be able to trust a vehicle to start, go and bring me back home. Total cost has been very reasonable; oil changes, a set of front brake pads, a timing belt at 160,000 KM and that's all.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2014

2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L


Solid (dependable), handles well, not too exciting - extremely reliable


Regular wear and tear (keep in mind, I used it as a taxi).

- Ball joint.

- U-joint (only all wheel drive models have these).

- Wheel bearings.

- End links (connects sway bar to suspension)

- Brake pads.

- Tires.

General Comments:

The first week of ownership, I drove it up a black diamond ski run (the hill was closed at the time)... This vehicle is great in snow!

I bought this car new because I needed a reliable car for taxiing. It lived up to my expectations and did not cause any problems at all. Since most of the 148,000 km on this car (or 92,500 miles) were city driving, it is not surprising that I was required to change the above-mentioned parts. All these parts, with the exception of brake pads, only needed to be replaced after 100,000 km (62,500 miles). The brake pads went at about 75,000 km.

You really have to keep in mind that it was a taxi, carrying heavy people and luggage, constantly starting and stopping with hard cornering and acceleration to not waste time (time is money with a taxi). Not to mention the endless hours of idling the engine to stay warm/cool.

Also, where I live, the yearly inspections are extremely thorough and the parts mentioned above are expected to be in "as tight as new" shape. So I could have gotten away with not replacing them for longer had I lived elsewhere if I were not responsible for the safety of thousands of people (both passengers and other drivers/pedestrians/cyclists).

This car does not have great acceleration, but handles extremely well for an SUV (or CUV). As a taxi driver, safety came first when transporting customers, so I got really good winter tires for winter driving (Bridgestone Blizzak - highly recommended). I only got stuck once because I was lazy and did not shovel my driveway after working 14+ hours in a snow storm (I was one of the few taxis on the road). I got stuck only because the car was on top of the snow and the tires were no longer touching solid ground. I had to shovel the snow out from under the car and it dropped down every once in a while til it finally "landed".

This reminds me of one complaint - the only one I have with this car. Be very careful when stopping in slippery conditions (this may sound obvious). If the ABS kicks in, the car seems to have a hard time stopping. Luckily, I had the common sense to pull the emergency brake in close situations.

Other than that, I highly recommend this vehicle. It has treated me well. I have moved on from taxi driving to office work and am now enjoying my Outlander more. Now it's a just pleasure to drive as opposed to strictly business.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2010