2011 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 3.0L


Great looking SUV, and a champ in the winter


There was some suspension creaking initially and a squeak from the 3rd row seat, but the dealer lubricated both and the noise hasn't returned.

Also, it just lost a parking light bulb. I'm really grasping here, because there have been no real faults and no warranty claims thus far.

General Comments:


Acceleration is great with the 3.0L V6 and 6 speed automatic. I would estimate 0-100km/h in the mid 7's. The paddle shifters are a fun accessory, but most of the time you forget they're there and just leave it in drive.

What really sold me though was Mitsu's S-AWC AWD system. I do a lot of driving for work, which doesn't stop for snow, and the Outlander proved to be rock solid all winter. It kept me out of the ditch on the highway and was a blast climbing snow covered hills around the city. You find yourself making excuses to go for drives in every snow storm.

One weakness would be the stock tires. The 18" Goodyear Eagle LS2's were junk. After 40,000KM with them, I suffered through 3 flats and the tread is all but gone. I have a set of 16" rims/tires for the winter, which I would highly recommend if you get any amount of snow in your area. These LS2's will be replaced by Michelin's in the spring.


Excellent leather seats and the power/tilt driver's seat really helps make a tall driver comfortable. The gauge cluster is well laid out, and overall I find the interior a pleasant place to be. One gripe I do have is with cheap plastics on certain panels being prone to scratching (glove box!).

The 710W Rockford Fosgate sound system is fantastic.

The second row seats are comfortable and leg room is pretty good. I'd hate to subject anyone to the 3rd row seats though. They are basically a waste of space and weight, and are only there to technically classify the Outlander as a 7 seater. It has 7 seats, but only 5 for people with legs.


Love the look of it, and the 18" wheels really add a lot over the base model 16's. Some people prefer the 07-09 style front bumper, but I consider the more aggressive EVO styling an improvement.

Unfortunately Mitsu paint leaves something to be desired. It's thin and very prone to chipping. Not a big deal if you turn your vehicles around in 3-5 years, but someone in it for the long haul would find this very frustrating if living in an area with a lot of gravel roads.


I haven't come close to meeting the EPA's estimate of 10.9L/100km city, 7.9L/100km highway. I usually average around 13.0L/100km city, 9.5L/100km highway. About what I expected from a V6 AWD SUV. Not terrible, not great. I expect it would be much better in a flatter area.

Maintenance costs are a little high due to Mitsu's relatively short 8,000km service check interval.


No regrets whatsoever in purchasing the Outlander. Great performance, awesome AWD system, and flawless reliability so far. The excellent stereo and comfortable seats make long drives bearable, and that matters a lot when you're doing 60,000km/year.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2012

14th Jan 2015, 21:21

We have a 2010 in the family and agree with the comments. It has been trouble free and is very pleasant to ride in.

Road noise can be an issue, so we searched out very quiet replacement tires.

The OE transmission fluid is a bit pricey at $100 for 4 litres, as the aftermarket does not make an exact substitute.

The driveline does its thing without fuss... the way it should be.

We are very pleased with this vehicle, and hope Mitsu does not leave America.