2004 Nissan Maxima SE V6


Does not hold up to Nissan standards


The transmission on my 2004 Maxima doesn't want to go into gear when I first start off, then sometimes it tries to go into gear when I'm stopped. I'm actually on my way to a transmission place to have it diagnosed, I'm praying it doesn't cost a fortune! Once I get it fixed I want to sell it and get rid of it before something else goes wrong.

General Comments:

Love everything except the mechanical problems.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2008

2004 Nissan Maxima SL 3.6


Let's just say it's "not printable"


Struts, tires, battery, radio.

General Comments:

The day I drove the car out the dealer, there was a distinctive high speed shimmy. This started my many trips to the dealer.

This car has the record for alignments and balancing. The fronts struts have been replaced no fewer than eight times, especially the right front, which always develops this "gap" at the top as explained to me.

The positive battery terminal always has this powdery stuff constantly.

The transmission slips and accelerates on its own, even when braking.

Four years later and out of warranty, the car is dead on my driveway after it mysteriously shut off while driving, and locking up the steering wheel and power brakes.. luckily I was a block from my house.

I share all your fellow Maxima owners' griefs. Unfortunately I am not only stuck with a lemon, but the whole lemon grove.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2008

2004 Nissan Maxima SE


Worst car ever built



I have had every problem mentioned go wrong with my 2004 Maxima. I was told today the timing chain need replacing, which was replaced in 2006; and the axles and the motor mount are broken from the jerking.

Things replaced:

1. Spark plugs

2. Ignition coil

3. Air flow meter

4. Brakes

5. Transmission tuneup

6. AC line

7. window motor

8. Alternator

10. Axles (2 x)

Nissan completed a diagnostic - no success and no help.

Nissan stated the warranty was out.

I am ready for the Lawsuit!

Please let me know if there has been a lawsuit initiated. Please email re: comments.


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Review Date: 14th July, 2008

26th Aug 2008, 20:49

Yeah, sorry, your car has like a billion miles on it and the stuff you listed isn't even that horrific given how many miles are on it. Stuff breaks. No car is perfect. The more you drive, the more stuff will wear out and you'll have to replace it. Your problems appear mostly isolated to your car in particular.

-From a four-time Maxima owner.

26th Jan 2009, 13:53

Almost half the stuff on the list is basic maintenance - hopefully more than once. The rest is pretty small stuff.

Alternators' brushes wear out with use.

Air flow sensors fail on almost every vehicle given enough miles.

Axles often fail after 60000-90000 miles because the rubber boots on the CVs break, allowing the joint to become fouled with road grime.

A/C lines should last longer, but often don't.

The coil and window motor should have lasted longer, but are rather minor repairs considering, again, the higher mileage.

He mentioned that the timing chain needed replacing for the second time in a few years. Most vehicles have a BELT not a chain. Belts normally need to be replaced by 90,000 miles or less (which it sounds like he did). After that, it should have been good for another 60000 to 90000. If it indeed has a chain, it shouldn't need replacing at all. I'd have gotten a second opinion because that sounds fishy, as does the broken axles and motor mounts. Especially the axles can take almost more jerking than the car's owner can. I think some garage was trying to cheat this poor guy.

2004 Nissan Maxima


My transmission started to jerk intermittently at around 70k miles. I took it to the dealer and they said they could not duplicate the symptom.

Now at 90k my car seems to be jammed in first gear with the check engine light on, and the dealership wants to sell me a new transmission ($3900.00). I am having it rebuilt for $3000.00.

I had no idea that so many people were experiencing this issue, and I agree that Nissan should take action, not our money.

I will be reporting this issue to Nissan's Corporate Office, with copies of all these complaints, and hope they give a damn.

If anybody has an update or resolution, you can reach me at mark_trevino0990@yahoo.com

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008