1991 Nissan Silvia K's 2.0 turbo


Pure, simple, reliable, rear wheel drive performance and excitement


I had the version with the Digital LCD dash, and it usually turns on after about 20 minutes of driving, or if it's been under the sun for a bit. This is a known issue in Silvia's with LCD/HUD.

Can't think of anything else.

General Comments:

The engine is simply amazing, minimal turbo lag and loads of torque, even from low rpms. And with a car that weighs less than 1200kg, not that many things on the road can top the acceleration, even for a 20 year old car.

I must say that mine has a front mount intercooler, HKS intake and sport exhaust.

Handling wise, nothing amazing; good steering response, but a bit of understeer and bouncy over bumps. Lots of wheel hop when you try to launch it, I guess they got the suspension right way later like in 2001 with the s15. But if you like to drift, then this is the model you want (do it in a open parking lot or the track.).

Interior is roomy, but there is very little space in the back. Only one tall person fits, or two small people can fit, but very tight. Big trunk though!

Gas consumption is normal unless you gun it all the time; then you will go through gas very fast.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2009