Ciera Standard 3.8 V6

Great car for transportation if you do care about aesthetics

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Ciera Brougham 2.5 TBI "Iron Duke"

This car simply WON'T DIE!

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Ciera GT 3.8 V6

Had it for 20 years

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Ciera Brougham 3.8L Fuel Injected V6

Great car that handles all I throw at her; fuel efficiency at it's best

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Ciera International Sedan 2.8L

Best Car in the 80's by far!!!

158 words

Ciera 3.8

Cramped, but solid, reliable, quick, and economical

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Ciera GT 3.8 Sequential Port Injection

An attractive, comfortable performance car that you won't see in every neighborhood

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Ciera Cutlass 2.8 li V6

Reliable and Comfort at a low price

84 words

Ciera 2.5 4 cylinder

Would serve as a good first car, but nothing more

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Ciera 2.8


84 words

Ciera Brougham 3.8 sequential fuel injection

Very nice 80's sedan at a low cost

110 words

Ciera 2.5L Tech IV

Good winter beater car

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