Ciera SL 3.1 V6

Smooth ride even 20 years later

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Ciera SL 3.1L V6

I like how quiet is it and how reliable it has been for me, other than regular maintenance

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Ciera SL 3.1 Liter V6

A good all around car if taken care of

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Ciera SL 3.1L

It isn't made any more as an Oldsmobile, but GM has some sister models, get one!

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Nothing to look at, but awesome

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Ciera SL 3.1

Highly recommended, highly underestimated

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Ciera SL 3.1 V6

The little old lady from Pasadena's second car

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Ciera SL V6

The AK-47 of Cars

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Ciera SL Sedan 3.1 V6

This truly is "your fathers' Oldsmobile & the folks @ Olds should have stuck with it!

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Ciera SL 3.1 V6 Gas

A very good all around car

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Ciera 3.6 6 cylinder

The car is a moderate value, but doesn't last

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Ciera SL 3.1 V6

Fantastic car - unmatched in performance in it's class

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Ciera SL 3.1 V6 fuel injected

Perfect car for the commute or long trip

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