Ciera SL 3.1L

Reliable, but not pretty

358 words

Ciera SL 3.1L V6

The quintessential American sedan

407 words

Ciera LS 3.1L V6

Has some flaws, but mostly dependable

73 words

Ciera Base

Totalled title

46 words

Ciera SL 3.1

Great value when they were new, still a good value used

442 words, 13 comments

Ciera SL 3.1 V6

Solid vehicle

113 words, 2 comments

Ciera 3.1 V6

Bargain Basement of comfort

90 words

Ciera 3.1 V6

No frills car with some problems. Acceptable value

99 words

Ciera SX

A giant money pit!

98 words, 1 comment

Ciera Series 2 3.1L ohv 6 cylinder

A great buy in the used car market

50 words

Ciera SL 3.1 Series Fuel Injected V6

An unworthy piece of garbage not worthy of GM's name

278 words, 1 comment

Ciera 3.1

For the practical driver

231 words

Ciera SL 3.1 V6

Great value with awesome performance and ride

86 words