Cutlass Supreme Brougham 232Ci V6

The greatest car I ever owned

69 words

Cutlass Supreme Brougham Gas 5.0L V8 (307

A classic 80's luxury car

623 words, 3 comments

Cutlass Supreme 307 V8

I've never had a better car in my life

49 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Supreme B 3.8L 231 V6

A very nice car

165 words, 2 comments

Cutlass Supreme 2.31 V6

A really reliable car and a classic

151 words

Cutlass Hurst/Olds 307 V8

One rare Oldsmobile

243 words, 3 comments

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 3.8 liter (carbureted)

A great looking car for the common man

107 words

Cutlass Calias Hurst/Olds 5.0L H.O.

A fast, limited production sports car

117 words

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 2 door 305 Chevy V8

Fun, comfortable, fast, and cheap!

337 words, 24 comments

Cutlass S 3.1 V6 Multiport FI

A good school car

99 words

Cutlass Ciera 4 cyl

237 words, 11 comments