Cutlass Supreme 3.8 V6

Absolute piece of junk

84 words, 20 comments

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 5.0L V8

A wonderful car, I wish they still made the Cutlass

240 words

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 3.8 ltr 231 V6

Classic style and comfort

242 words, 14 comments

Cutlass Supreme 307 ci

One fast Cutlass

52 words, 5 comments

Cutlass Supreme 307

Wonderful car!!!

102 words

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 3.8L V6

Safe and built like a tank, but TERRIBLE fuel economy, breaks down a lot

427 words, 6 comments

Cutlass Brougham

Stock and still eats Japanese for breakfast (HONDA, ACURA, ETC...)

145 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 3.8 6 cylinder

This is the most fun and enjoyable car I have ever had

92 words

Cutlass Brougham 3.8 liter

It was the best car I ever owned!

37 words

Cutlass Supreme 231 V6

A major waste of money

84 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Supreme 307 ci V8

The pimp daddy ride

137 words, 2 comments

Cutlass Supreme Brougham 350 Chevy

A well built car with lots of potential

298 words, 6 comments

Cutlass supreme 3.8L

Best car I will ever own and will never get rid of it

118 words, 3 comments

Cutlass Supreme 5.0 liter 307 Oldsmobile

The 1985 Cutlass is a Cheap car with lots of performance potential.

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