Oldsmobile Firenza reviews from North America


Firenza LS sedan 2.0

The luxury of the Ninety-Eight, the good looks of the Cutlass, and the front wheel drive of Tornado

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Firenza GT 2.8 MPFI V6

I love this car

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It is a good/cheap running little car

Firenza Base 2.0 OHC K-class

God's own grocery getter!

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Firenza 2.0L OHV 122ci inline-4 vin

One of the greatest economy cars ever

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Firenza 4 door sedan 2.0 FI

One of the best cars I've had

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Firenza LC Coupe 2.0

Good first car, very reliable

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Firenza 2.0

An 80's car that has held up well

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Firenza Hatchback 1.8

Don't let it sit unused... you'll be sorry

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Firenza 2.0

Gas saver

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Firenza 1.8

Decent little ugly car

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Firenza 4 cylinder

For its age, it's pretty up to date

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Firenza 3 door hatchback 1.8L

It was a disappointment and a white elephant

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