1963 Peugeot 404 SL 1.6 injection


The best Peugeot model ever made


Engine (3 main bearings) at 320,000 km (replaced with a used [200,000 km] 5 main bearing engine).

McPherson strut steering swivels @ 420,000 km.

Front suspension bushings @ 420,000 km.

Weatherstripping (rubber) @ 420,000 km.

Torque tube centre bearing @ 420,000 km.

RF window regulator @ 420,000 km.

Front wheel bearings @ 460,000 km.

Starter motor @ 500,000 km.

Ignition switch @ 540,000 km.

General Comments:

I bought this car from its original owner, 22 years after it was built. He thought it was finished, but the bodywork was in good condition and the number of problems (see above) was fairly short and easy to remedy. So I reanimated it and drove the car for another 140,000 km. Given the harsh Canadian winters, the bodywork gave out in 1990, when the car had managed a total distance of nearly 560,000 km.

The 404 was an absolutely superb car. It was comfortable, quick (with an injection engine), reliable and fun to drive.

All this from a manufacturer who no longer knows how to build totally reliable cars. I know, I also have a 405.

The service this 404 gave me and the previous owner was nothing short of unbelievable. The scond-best car I've ever owned. The best is my present 1966 404 Coupé Injection (but that's another story)...

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Review Date: 20th October, 2000

7th Jul 2006, 20:22

I have a 1966 404 Convertible/cabriolet with fuel injection also. Having a hard time finding parts & a new black convertible top. If I ever finish it I will keep it forever. Sorry you feel you would not buy another Peugeot, but it seems that most parts are made in ITALY.