1986 Peugeot 505 turbo diesel


These cars take a little effort, but they are well worth it.


Mostly just the regular maintenance things, like alternator, motor mounts, and the driver's seat wearing out. The electrical is a bit of a mess; the tachometer, gas gage, radio (I think whoever installed the radio messed up everything previously mentioned), the cruise control, some of the blinkers (sometimes) and brake lights, the heater only works on high (but it really works then), the AC is taken out and the belt is removed, the power steering belt is removed (the p/s unit has a substantial leak) -- all of these things are currently wrong with it (save the alternator and mounts and maintenance, which I have replaced and kept up on religiously). None of them bother me enough to fix.

General Comments:

This car is pretty awesome. You have to be comfortable with the "accessories" (everything but the drive train) not working all the time, or with problem solving the ones that need to be, or the ones you want fixed. The existing manuals for this car suck. I was brought up on old VW's so checking the oil and learning to listen to the engine to check out how it is running (ie. valves, different rattles and ticks, and feeling out the shifting) are all second nature to me. If you want a car that you don't have to pay attention to, you better buy one of those new BMW diesel's. If you want a well made classic for not too much money, this is for you. A fellow enthusiast just reported his rolling over 400,000 on the original engine (with no rebuild). I only wish more were manuals (both transmissions, and how to types). These make great biodiesel cars, but once again pay attention to the seals, fuel filter (it takes a allen wrench, incidentally, to take the fuel filter off), and fuel lines. They won't necessarily need replacing (the filter will), but they might. Gasoline versions of this car are idiotic, and I think are really only around for replacement interior parts, and to steal the manual transmissions off of to put into the sacred diesels. I don't know about the cloth interior, but my leather interior has held up amazingly well. Parts are difficult to find. I have my sources, and I'm sure with a little effort other people could secure their own. Help save the world with biodiesel (not made from virgin soybeans though!), and buy one of these cars. The station wagon is prettier than the Mercedes, and cheaper.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2008

24th Nov 2008, 13:14

I can embarrassingly say that I have owned 2 of these vehicles. I don't know why I bought the second considering I had nothing but trouble with the first, but I think I admired the comfort of the ride that coerced me to buy the second.

I have to admit each one of them were being repaired more than they were on the road. From the air conditioning to the brakes and even transmission on one of them. Not only did they break down often, NOBODY knew how to work on them, and when I finally did find a shop, it was outrageously expensive for every little thing.

I would never recommend one of these vehicles, but I don't think there are any still on the road.

3rd Jan 2009, 22:15

Just picked up an 85 diesel STI, just barely broken in with 130k and a 3 speed auto. This is my 6th Pug. The V6's were/are a nightmare the 4's gas or diesel always treated me just fine. I do have a mechanic with a 3 car garage full of parts that makes life a little easier. Two of them went to my daughters for a first car in high school; one a 504 diesel wagon did hold 17 of her best friends once on the way to a football game (admitted to years later).

The cars have phenomenal suspension and steering touch. The STI has a little stiffer suspension than the GL and with the alum rims corners on rails. The seats are legendary, this one leather and true wrap around buckets. Drivers 6 way adjustable. Not bad for the mid 80's.

I'm happy to have number six in the garage, and after a few months working out the kinks from the super senior prior owners and blowing the carbon out of the turbo, I'd be happy to cruise the old girl just about anywhere.

27 mpg around town.

1986 Peugeot 505 STi gas


The Peugeot 505 is an excellent, reliable, comfortable, and classic high-quality vehicle.


The electrical switches were replaced at 275,000 miles.

The engine was rebuilt at 240,000 miles.

The electric adjustable mirror switch doesn't work.

The dark blue paint is dull and did not endure sun very well.

General Comments:

The car drives well and handles like the luxury touring car that it is.

It starts well, and has a quiet and powerful engine with good gas mileage.

This car is fun to drive and has many nice features, such as heated seats, fog lights, and an excellent sound system.

This is my fifth Peugeot, and the fourth 505. My latest 505 is an automatic with a diesel turbo-charged engine, which has only 42,000 original miles on it.

The 505 is so durable, reliable, and high-quality, even the leather seats have lasted well.

Peugeot 505 has the most comfortable seats of any car I have ridden in. I have taken the seats out of my previous 505's and put them into my Ford Ranger, 1968 Dodge 1-ton truck, and 1973 Chevy Van.

Not many cars can go over 300,000 miles and still drive and handle well.

I love Peugeot! I wish they were still imported into the United States of America.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2004

4th Oct 2008, 11:35

Agree with you.

Maybe the best looking sedan ever made.

I have 5 505 (3 V6,TI, GTI).

High quality all over, comfortable like no one else.

The TI goes 215-220 top speed. Hopefully in Deutchland.

V6 just a little over 200 (automatic) in Deutchland.

GTI 180 in Sweden? maybe not hehe.

I lives in Norway, and the car goes like a 4 wd to (well almost hehe).

1986 Peugeot 505 Turbo 2.3 turbo


Always a treat to drive


Failed emissions test due to burnt valve seals. Replaced the seals and reconditioned the head.

Turbo worn out at 200000km. Had the old unit repaired.

Transmission blown at 220000km, due to overheating and age. Will replace with a used unit.

Running too hot, remove thermostat when outside temperature goes above 20c.

General Comments:

A great car to drive, but very thirsty when driven hard in the city.

Very fast on the highway, not too much turbo lag, even with the automatic transmission. It cruises at 140kph, and will go 200kph+.

Great looking interior, and the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in.

Frequent oil changes and perfect maintenance are necessary for these cars, or they do not last.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2002

1986 Peugeot 505 GL 1.9


Excellent french workhorse


Paint was decent when bought, but started to fade rapidly.

Interior cosmetics were decent, but the dash and seats split easily.

General Comments:

Engine ran like a brand new Mercedes. The car started with ease in cold and warm weather.

The transmission was solid, never had any problems even after nearly 200,000 miles. The 4 speed transmission was very forgiving, which lends itself to be an excellent car to learn stick on.

The seats were comfortable, but split easily, and the paint was not of great quality.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2002