Neon 2.0 SOHC

Solid car

359 words


94 words

Neon Expresso 2.0

This car is well worth the money!

219 words

Neon Expresso DOHC

I will never own another one of these!

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If Chrysler had tried a little harder, this could have been a great little car

83 words

Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

Compact performance on the cheap... but don't expect perfection

802 words, 3 comments

Neon Highline 2.2

I absolutely love my car

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Neon Expresso 4DR 2.0L DOHC

Good for a mechanical person

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Neon EX 2.0 DOHC

21 words

Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

Excellent if you take care of it

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Neon Highline 2.0L SOHC

This car is reliable, fuel efficient, sporty and well worth the price

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Neon Highline

Buy a Honda

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Neon Highline 2.4


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Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

Fun car, but lots of annoyances.

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Neon Highline Coupe SOHC

Much power, but seriously flawed

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Would buy it again :)

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Neon SE 2.0 4 cylinder

A quirky great for new drivers car

81 words

Neon Expresso

Feel like I can't go anywhere without calling a tow truck

132 words

Neon 2.0 SOHC

I will never buy a Chrysler again

61 words, 1 comment

Neon Expresso 2.0

Not worth a nickle

99 words

Neon Expresso Sport

I love my Neon and she is here to stay

148 words

Neon Highline 4 cylinder

A pretty good bargain for a beginner's car

85 words

Neon Espresso 2.0 DOHC

Speedy performer that's a good bargain. Wish it had a longer warranty.

445 words

Neon Espresso double overhead cam

A lemon and a half!

242 words

Neon Expresso 4 cylinder

A simple car with outstanding results

106 words

Neon Highline 4 door 2.0 single cam

Chrysler's corporate screw up

214 words, 1 comment

Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

An underdog, with teeth.

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Neon 2.0L

The car that destroyed Chrysler.

105 words, 2 comments

Neon Expresso

It is virtually a waste of money!

94 words

Neon 2.2

Not really a bargain at all

120 words, 1 comment

Neon EX 4DR 2.0

Never Ever Own a Neon!!!

125 words, 2 comments

Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

Comfortable off the lot, but many after-market capabilities make for a show car/quick car

145 words

Neon Sport

A crappy piece of machinery if ever I saw one

130 words

Neon Not Sure 1.8L

An easy allure on price, but tragic tale for the customer!

131 words, 1 comment

Neon Expresso 2.0 DOHC

Fast, cheap on gas, and reliable

168 words, 3 comments

Neon EX 1.8L

OK, but only if you get the extended warranty

259 words, 3 comments

Neon 2D Coupe 2.0L 4 cylinder

This car is a money pit!!

188 words, 1 comment

Neon Highline 2.0

An economically priced reliable car

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