Voyager Base model 2.4

It just looks wimpy, but has been a good workhorse

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Voyager SE 3.0

Unless you are a good mechanic with lots of spare time... stay away from this piece of scrap metal

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Voyager 6 cylinder

Very roomy, reliable, and comfortable

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Voyager 4 Cylinder

Good dependable vehicle for my family

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Voyager SE 3.0

Very uncomfortable, with poor gas mileage

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Voyager 2.4L

Worst auto I have ever owned and has soured me on the entire Daimler Chrysler line

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Voyager Grand 3.0L

Average transportation if you have lots of $$$ for maintenance

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Voyager 4.4

We definitely got a lemon!!!

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Voyager 3.0 Liter

Should have sold this vehicle well before it reached 60,000 miles!

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A horrible nightmare

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Voyager SE 3.0L 6 cylinder

A high-maintenance long term headache

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Voyager SE 3.3

Reliable, comfortable, cost effective, and highly recommend

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Voyager SE 3.3

She has performed great, like every Dodge I have had

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Voyager Base Model

A Plymouth failure - What happened??

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