1988 Pontiac Fiero 3800 supercharged Series II


Awesome and a head turner!



General Comments:

This car is seriously FAST and handles extremely well!!

300 horsepower supercharged engine from a 2003 Grand Prix.

Performance tires, wheels, and poly bushings.

Upgraded brakes.

Bright red with scoops on the side, in the trunk and hood to cool.

Darkened windows with dark sail panels.

Runs very cool at about 180 degrees, ice cold air conditioning.

Very comfortable performance ride.

Interior immaculate with original seats.

Many think it is a Ferrari.

Will outperform most Corvettes.

Handles well.

Just an awesome car to drive.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2013

1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula 2.8 V6


The baddest V6 ever built. Grab a gear, if you dare!!!


I've replaced the exhaust, front upper control arm bushings, front wheel bearings, full brake job overhaul and struts.

I had the emergency brake and air conditioning disconnected, for additional power and convenience.

General Comments:

The 1988 Fiero Formula is a "Ruby in the Dust".

My car is driven daily, minus winter months; not made for that "white stuff" here in Wisconsin.

I bought it in 2000 with 60,000 on it, and today it's closing in on 200,000.

The car, as others have said, is like a "Go-Kart on Rails". It corners like a Formula 1, and has amazing torque due to the "Muncie-Gehrig" 5 speed.

Using Nascar terms, my Formula "Sucks-up, drafts and sling-shots", like Tony Stewart's #14.

I get near 30 miles on state/county highways, and the interstate. Take it to a "Big City", and getting around is "Silly Easy".

Did I mention this thing is fast? Snappy off the line, quick through the gears, and can pass almost anything on 4 wheels. Handling is a dream. The rack and pinion steering is spot-on.

Mine is red with white decals and the Fiero black spoke rims. This car is a "Chick Magnet", however the "Lack of interior" limits "Your possibilities".

Quick warning: Contrary to popular belief, the Fiero Formula is not a good 1st car for a teenager. There were roughly 5000 of these made in 1988, and 3000 plus were totaled by 1994. Less than 500 remain on the road today.

With the engine in the rear, it drives/handles and steers unlike any front engine car. This car was built to be an "Adult Go-Kart." Any serious front end or side door collision in these cars, even with the incorporated "Roll-Cage", will result in very serious injury or death. This is not a kid's car, period!!!

I will never sell this car! It's a joy to drive, and its value as a collectors car increases daily. Personally the collectors value matters not to me, it's driving a bad-ass piece of automotive history that does.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2012

30th Mar 2012, 16:30

You "disconnected" the "air conditioning" and the "emergency brake" for "additional power and convenience"?

How does disconnecting the "Brake" increase "power" and "convenience", especially with a "stick shift"? And if the V6 has so much "Torque", why would you need to "disconnect" the "air conditioning"?

31st Mar 2012, 12:49

The emergency brake when engaged, interferes with exiting and entering the car easily. The air conditioner is not needed in Wisconsin, and adds "Horse-Power" back to the Formula. The torque is amazing, if ya own one; ya know what I mean.

31st Mar 2012, 18:47

Taking out the A/C and E-Brake will reduce weight, which helps acceleration and city gas mileage, but rarely enough to justify it.

Taking these things out do NOT increase power nor torque. I have no clue how they'd be more convenient either (outside of being cheaper).

9th Jun 2012, 20:07

The emergency brake does not interfere with entering and exiting the vehicle. When you pull up to apply the brake, return the handle to the lower position; the brake remains engaged. To disengage, lift the handle up, depress the button and hold the button, while lowering the brake handle.

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8


An awesome, street legal go-cart :-D


Driver side headlamp motor went at 181000.

Frame is rotted.

Overheating until installation of low temperature fan switch.

General Comments:

Such a beautiful car! I get a lot of looks and comments about it. Sounds great. Most people don't even know what it is LOL.

I put a short shift in it, a ram air scoop on the side intake, and a low temp fan switch. Also, scoop quarter sail windows make the car look even better.

I don't know if it's a common problem with these cars, but everything underneath is rotted! I needed a new clutch at 182000, and the mechanic had to drop the engine and trans, because all the bolts on tie rods and such are totally corroded together. So instead of taking a chance of breaking it all, the drive train was dropped.

Anyone else with this problem?

I plan on driving the car right up till it breaks in half! (hope it never does) I love it soo much!!

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Review Date: 20th February, 2011

10th Aug 2014, 16:40

Used to have over heating problems in my Fiero. I replaced the radiator and put in a lower temp thermo and switch.

It turns out the real problem was some mechanic had put it on a lift wrong and crushed/pinched the coolant pipes that run along the frame/under the doors. Not enough coolant was getting through. Coolant pipes were straightened and it runs great now.