1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8 L supercharged


Vroom and room at less than 27K


Blown engine, piston rod went THRU the side of the engine, at 23K miles.

Power moon roof won't open all the way. Dealer can't fix, after two attempts.

HUD brightness changes randomly.

Door panels pull away from the doors.

Tires wear fast.

General Comments:

Performance is excellent. You can spin tires and burn rubber at will.

Great value, 27K for zero to 60 MPH in 6.8 seconds.

Lots of room.

GM should offer a passenger "heated seat" option.

Deluxe Bose system is excellent sounding. Much better than the cheaper radio with EQ.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2001

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT


My rear oil seal failed at 50,000 miles.

The engine has to be replaced at 60,000 miles.

A tire blew out at 40,000 miles.

It took 5 trips to the dealer and one to an electrical shop to get the alarm to stop going off randomly.

The ground skirt is falling off.

The fog lights have to be replaced every 10000 miles.

General Comments:

I neither felt safe or comfortable driving this car. Since owning it I have felt that something was going to go wrong. Unfortunately my feelings have been correct.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2001

2nd Nov 2001, 10:59

I would like to know why he had to have his engine replaced. What model engine?

Mine quit at 77000

3800 V6.

11th Sep 2002, 07:47

3 mo. ago I bought a used 1999 Grand Prix GTP and now at 50,000 miles I am also having to have my rear seal replaced (and am not too happy about it). Now I am curious to know if my engine is going to go at 60,000 miles!! I would like to know if this is something that GM should be "recalling" these cars for and having this fixed at their expense.

24th Sep 2002, 22:36

Hay I also have a 99 PONTICRAP GTP. Although it now has 104,000 and some change I'll never buy another GM. This car has changed me into a foreign car enthusiast all the way!!It has way too many problems to list,including all of the above and a supercharger replaced, but now GM's greaseMONKEYS tell me that their computers can't find out why I cannot accelerate without the engine cutting out and the timing retarding. This car is a piece of S***!!!

27th May 2006, 14:28

Blowing a tire probably has nothing to do with the car. More likely either bad tire or you can't keep it off the curb when parking. Bruised sidewalls are the drivers fault. Regarding engines not lasting how well was it maintained? Regular oil changes, etc., etc.?

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 liter


A bad experience


The controller to direct the outlet air from the heat and air conditioning system would operate randomly on its own, and constantly make opening and closing noises. The Pontiac dealer could not fix it in nine attempts, and the Pontiac corporation did not respond to my requests for help.

The driver's heated seat quit working.

The driver's power seat quit working.

The right front fender came loose.

The radio/CD player died and had to be replaced.

While I recognize that the car has a stiff suspension system, the ride is too rough for my preference.

The battery died and left us stranded. It had to be replaced at only 40,000 miles.

Sometimes the driver's power window would not operate.

General Comments:

We purchased the car based upon (a) our previous positive experience with a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville and (b) its styling.

History and looks proved deceiving.

Dealer service and the interest of Pontiac to correct the problems were terrible.

We replaced it with a foreign car that has performed flawlessly. We may never buy American again.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2001

12th Oct 2004, 20:36

I agree, this car looks great and turns a lot of heads, but in reality it is just another poorly engineered piece of junk. My next car will be an import.

4th Jan 2005, 08:36

Go ahead buy an import. Ship your pride overseas too!!

4th Dec 2005, 18:05

Good looking car. Quality inconsistant--Poor paint method for the East Coast-Most GM cars in this area have to be repainted after two years.

4th Feb 2006, 12:12

Go ahead and support other countries that don't support us in any way. Good for you dude.

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3800 Supercharged



General Comments:

The GTP is a very responsive car in acceleration as well as cornering ability.

It is also an excellent trip car.

Another plus, it is an attention getter because of its design.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2000