LeMans Aerocoupe 1.4L

Overall a pretty good little car

33 words

LeMans LX 1.6L

A little street fighter.!

156 words, 2 comments

LeMans 1.2

Awesome car. Wish I had a coupe to go with it

104 words

LeMans Base 1.6L

Nice, cheap, reliable and easy to work on

228 words

LeMans SE 1.6

Do yourself a favor and don't buy one

103 words

LeMans 3D Aerocoupe

A sporty car for the college kid, but high maintenance

283 words

LeMans Base 1.6L

If not abused, This car is reliable and inexpensive to maintain

91 words, 1 comment


Cheap, reliable transportation

130 words

LeMans LE Aerocoupe 1.6

87 words

LeMans Base model sedan 1.6 Liter SOHC L-4 TBI

The biggest mistake in the history of automotive engineering

270 words, 7 comments