2000 Pontiac Montana


Piece of garbage


This van has been a headache in the 8 months we have owned it. Many little repairs have been done (brakes, gas lines, etc) since we got it.

We were driving it (occasionally) with a cracked manifold, leaking intake valves (all coolant will leak out in a matter of hours to a couple of days), and bad rear shocks.

Just last week the transmission started to go. We have had it looked at and it appears that it needs to be replaced. We are going to try changing all the fluids and filters to see if anything is clogged, but if that doesn't work, we are looking at yet another major repair ahead of us.

General Comments:

At this point we are looking at keeping the van as-is for moving goods around town for work, and finding a new replacement vehicle for our daily drive.

Terrible van, as most reviews say. We bought it knowing these vans had issues (thanks to people taking the time to post on here), but we had the paperwork for repairs done by the previous owner and thought we could get a couple years out of it without any major problems, boy were we wrong. 8 months in and I don't feel comfortable driving it.

This van has inspired me to buy an import next time. Once upon a time I had a 1990 Honda Accord that got crushed at 250,000km... Never had a problem with it. Time to head back to Honda I guess.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2010

2000 Pontiac Montana Extended 3.4 V6


It's not the car's fault. It drives and looks good. I take care of it and it takes me where I want


I bought the Montana at 850 miles +/-. 3 so called inspections, and up on the service lift for total top to bottom safety check. All inspection reports printed up. The used car dealer, credit union and local Pontiac dealer all verified the car was in excellent condition, no wrecks or body damage was found. No history of previous damage, no glass damage. Engine looked was clean as if just driven off the show room floor. So said the paper work.

The Montana had been a lease vehicle used for a bookkeeping firm, and their clients were all all over northern California. The company had gone bankrupt. The vehicle was returned to the dealer's leasing department.

At about 4000 miles, light bulbs, brake and running lights were burning out. Brakes were soft, very slow response, ABS was not working, smell or unburned gas.

The young service mans (e-4) above, dove tailed, listed item for item of what I went through. At 30,000 miles I did a Carfax. The first part of the report indicated no faults were found. Near the bottom of the last page had a notation; the vehicle had been severely damaged. Didn't have a computer nor the money for the Nd Carfax report which promise more information. Had I had the money, I would tried to find a computer and ordered the second report.

GM & Pontiac made a number of transmission and other repairs. More transmission, major tie rod, left front brakes, the 2 piece intake manifold replacement, fuel pump replacement, diagnostic for unburned fuel and ended up with a new starter due to?starter drag, and a master cylinder that failed in 2 mph traffic; those 5 mph front bumpers work great.

All this and much more was funded by my GEICO MBI and collision insurance. The GEICO were great. My deductible was $250 per MBI claim. The R&R for the master brake-cylinder I paid for. GEICO took care of the body work and I picked up the deductible.

I still have unburned fuel, still have chronic right front running light shorting out. You can almost bet that vehicle coming toward you with its right front running light is out is a GMC, and all the service people where ever you go will likely tell you the light bulb is out, and they may install for you at no charge. I have lots of receipts and work-order copies. fin.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2010