2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 3.5




Lower signal lights replaced 3 times in 1 year!

Gaskets blown at 20,000km; almost lost the engine!

Driver's seat worn.

Front & rear brakes had to be replaced after one year and a half

Now, a rattling in the back hatch.

In my opinion, the Montana is a piece of junk!!!

Will NEVER buy a GM Pontiac again... Honda next!

General Comments:

Terribly built van. I am actually afraid for my safety and my family's safety every time we go on the road!!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2010

2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 RWB


I will never own another Pontiac or GM product


The same day I leased my new Montana, the fuel sensor went on the vehicle. 1 week later back windshield wiper failed.

General Comments:

The Montana is a waste of money. One would think that you would not have any issues with a brand new vehicle within the first week of ownership. The vehicle is also lacking sufficient storage areas and poor seat design.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2008

16th Jan 2008, 19:48

Having issues with a brand new vehicle is surely aggravating, but get the niggling problems fixed under warranty and give it a chance. My parents have an '03 Montana that hasn't had a single problem in 65,000 miles.

19th Jan 2008, 08:27

Issues like seating and storage are issues that should generally be addressed if someone takes the time to test drive a vehicle properly. 5 minutes up a road and back is not an adequate test drive of a vehicle. If you are seriously considering a vehicle you should take it out on the road for no less than 30-40 minutes, driving on various road conditions (city-highway-etc...) Take the time to stop it and experiment with the controls. In this case being a minivan, I'd even suggest going as far as taking the seats out and putting them back in.

The other issues, though uncommon in a new vehicle, are simple items that are covered under warranty (that's why warranties exist.)

I understand that this person is upset with this vehicle as it is certainly aggravating, but I don't think it's as severe an issue as it is made out to be.