Trans Sport Montana 3.4

If I see a clean low mile one, I'll buy it again

51 words

Trans Sport Montana 3.4

Got my money's worth

78 words

Trans Sport Montana 6 cylinder

Maintenance hog

159 words

Trans Sport EXT V6

Great reliable mini van

64 words

Trans Sport 3.4

This is the BIGGEST piece of junk I have ever owned!

160 words

Trans Sport Montana 1.3


165 words

Trans Sport Montana- Extended

The BEST minivan on the market!!

150 words

Trans Sport Minivan

I love it!

74 words

Trans Sport 3.4L

My first vehicle and very pleased with it

261 words, 1 comment

Trans Sport Montana EXT 3.4 liter V6

It was great while it lasted!

246 words

Trans Sport 3.4 liter

I am pleased with it and would buy another one however, it would be an extended model next time

115 words

Trans Sport EXT 3.4

Only one word describes this van: LEMON!

305 words, 1 comment

Trans Sport Montana

Good family vehicle, except for the upkeep

73 words

Trans Sport Montana V6

Avoid a headache, although nice to look at, it's no deal

269 words, 10 comments

Trans Sport

Overall handling is great and gas mileage is great

134 words

Trans Sport Extended SE 3.4

Stay Away

82 words, 1 comment

Trans Sport SE Extended length 3.4 V6

The perfect family taxi.

128 words

Trans Sport 3.4L

A hit and miss value

170 words, 1 comment

Trans Sport Montana 3.4

A particularly sour lemon!

327 words, 2 comments