1976 Porsche 914 2.0


Go kart that is finally getting the love it deserves


Turn signal didn't cancel because the previous owner put in a different steering wheel and broke the original signal.

Fan doesn't work, so I might pull it to see if it is rusted or filled with leaves. It might need to be replaced or not... fine without it so far.

Seals need to be replaced ($600 from 914rubber.com).

Targa handles broke off; I think I stored the top incorrectly (user error).

No heat, but I have all the parts and just need a few heater hoses and I'm good.

1st gear is a bit temperamental, but works.

General Comments:

As a kid, this was my first car crush. Not the 911, but the 914. I think the shape appealed to me, not the performance (obviously, when compared to a 911). How many people can say they own their first car crush?

The performance, as many have said, is evident on corners. If you want an off the line burner, this isn't it. If you want a street legal go kart, this is the ticket. I thought about a Miata, but went with my first love. I always get looks/finger points (good ones, not the middle finger)/comments. I have been approached by a few people that were prior owners and they ALL regret selling their car.

Finding a minimally rusted one is the key. Mine is from California and made its way to Washington state. As stated elsewhere, the "hell hole" under the battery and rust along the longitudinal support beams are the places to look for rust.

914world.com members could help you out if you have questions. I bought a member's car when I asked for help looking at another car on Craigslist (that car was a bust, but the member's car was a show car in comparison).

This is an old car... you have to like a little gas smell, noise, road feedback, and quirks. If you don't, buy a newer car and leave this for an enthusiast (or a regretful prior owner trying to buy another one).

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Review Date: 18th May, 2015

1974 Porsche 914 2.0


Bad mamba jamba, fun fun fun!!!


Previous Nissan:

I purchased it with a blown head gasket, after the rebuild I had minimal issue. Nothing you would not expect from a 20 year old car.


30 year old body needs some TLC, but other wise she runs like a _aped APE, and is almost as reliable as my wife.

General Comments:

914 rocks the juke box, this car is 30+ years old and can still take a corner better than most young whipper snappers.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2010

1970 Porsche 914 /6 2.2L




Although a street car, I have been using this car on race tracks during Porsche Driver's Education events. In that light, I must mention that this car has been driven much, much harder than your daily driver type car. I prefaced the above so the comments below can be put in perspective.

Lost 1st gear after 1 year of ownership. Car ran fine with 2nd through 5th gears until I had the transmission replaced. Cost was about $1000 for transmission and labor.

Rear brake calipers needed to be rebuilt after 1 year of ownership. Carburetor set screw blew out of its' setting during a track event after 2 years of ownership.

Carburetor manual cold weather idle lever cable broke after 2 years of ownership.

General Comments:

I have always dreamed of owning an original 914/6. The car has lived up to my expectations. While not a straight line acceleration standout, its overall performance is gratifying.

The driver and passenger sitting arrangement is very low to the ground, and when in normal traffic, the 914 is dwarfed by today's vehicles. Although there is really no cabin space as this is truly a 2-seater, there are two trunks that can hold a fair amount of cargo for a car of this size.

The creature comforts are minimalistic at best. No air conditioning, although the heater is surprisingly sufficient. Factory radio and speakers are only OK, not great or even good for that matter. The seats are comfortable enough for moderate distance drives 200-300 miles without tiring the occupants too much. The cabin does offer ample leg space once inside. I am 6"2", 240 lbs. and really have no issues driving the car.

Gas mileage with the six cylinder engine is fair. I haven't calculated how many miles to the gallon I am getting, since my driving style is not a true reflection on the cars capability, but I would say I'm getting about 17-19 mpg, but I wouldn't call this an economy car.

Now for the fun part, the performance. As stated earlier, the straight line acceleration in not stellar, by today's standards it is slow for a sports car, but once you're up to speed, the car comes on.

First with that sound, that Porsche carbureted six cylinder directly behind you. As the engine revs increase, the engine sings a song will bring a smile to any car enthusiast face. It turns from a docile, well behaved air cooled fun toy to a screaming banshee.. with each depressing of the gas pedal you hear the carburetors sucking, whooshing the air into the craving cylinders for an explosion that ends with a tuned exhaust note that is unmistakeably Porsche.

The steering is precise. Aim the car and it will go in that direction. Finding the limit will scare passengers without a doubt, although the limit is deep, once found, the car will spin like a top because of its' mid-engine layout. The cornering is phenomenal once the car is set up right. Find a twisty road and this car is in its' zone.

With the ability to easily remove the roof, this car gives the owner the best of two worlds. With the roof off on a nice day, driving this car with the song of the six behind and its' low wide stance is... well... euphoric.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2010

30th Jan 2012, 19:24

I bought my first 914 way back in 1986. At the time, I owned several muscle cars, including a 440 6-pack 1970 Plymouth Cuda that ran the quarter mile in under 12 seconds.

Once I drove the 914, I was hooked. Slow as a snail towing a trailer, my friends all laughed at me for driving it. But the sound and feel of the car were enough to sweep me away, and I drove that car 5000 miles the first summer. It was pure fun to drive. I sold it a few years later, and have missed it ever since. Now, 26 years later, I bought my second 914. I am in heaven again...

6th Sep 2013, 17:08

Is this car porn?!!? Anyway, it's a good review. Makes me want one.