1989 Rover - Austin 800 Sterling 827 SLi Acura 2.7L V6


A reasonable British car


- Ignition harness failed, causing the engine to miss one cylinder. A new harness had to be ordered since no one carries it.

- Some climate control switches have fallen apart and have had to be replaced.

- Instrument panel lights have poor connections and flicker occasionally.

- Window switches work erratically and the glass does not move up and down smoothly.

- The factory remote entry is unresponsive.

- Transmission "pops" out of 2nd gear from time to time.

General Comments:

- The Honda V6 is very reliable and a smooth, if somewhat overworked, performer. Runs well for having over 180000 miles on it.

- The car is reliable overall. The electrics are tricky and don't hold up too well, but they have never caused the car to be inoperable or uncomfortable.

-This is a comfortable car for long trips compared to my lovable MGB. The climate control works well and the interior has a lot of nice creature comforts, such as the rear window sunshades and power seat controls.

- Everything about the dashboard is incredibly flimsy, which is odd because fit and finish are great everywhere else. Acura must have designed everything except the dash, because that's where all of the demons are.

-The car is cheap to keep running, but the parts that aren't shared with the Acura Legend are extremely hard and expensive to find, especially since there are no Rover dealers in America.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2003

5th Dec 2004, 13:11

I would try www.roverparts.com. They seem to have most of the parts for these cars. The front corner lights are somewhat flimsy, and they are tremendously difficult to find replacements for. Also, try eBay. Once in a while, someone will list some.