2003 SAAB 9-3 SE Convertible 2.0


You will not find a better car for less than $7K


During my year of ownership, the serpentine belt has snapped, and the convertible 5th bow has failed, which impedes the convertible from closing all the way.

Now, every time I stop and go, the "Check soft top" message appears on the SID and it makes a sound similar to the one you get when you walk inside a 7/11.

Too expensive to fix.

The belt was only $40 and the labor was $80.

General Comments:

The seats are great. The heater and the A/C are great. Also, the "sport" mode is amazing.

Gas mileage is pretty lame considering the 4 cylinder engine.

A funny fact is that the check engine came on one day, and the code pointed out a failure on the boost control valve. One day, while driving on the freeway, the check engine light went away and the car runs normal again.

The car handles great, but feels heavy at times.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2014

2003 SAAB 9-3 Linear Sport Sedan 2.0 turbo 170hp


I love it, it's an awesome car if you can afford it. It's not for the cheap people!! SAAB forever


I bought my first car, which was my first SAAB Linear 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Let's start off by saying why buy a luxury car if you don't have money to afford to keep up with maintenance?

You would have to invest the same with a BMW, AUDI or LEXUS, which one of them might be more reliable.

A SAAB is a driver's car. It's not a drive me until I can't spin my wheels anymore; if that's your case, get a Kia then.

I spent about 5,600$ in maintenance after purchasing my Saab 9-3 from a used dealership... Like always, those used dealerships sell you cars that are unreliable from the moment they just figure out how to get the check engine light off, until you drive off with your purchase, when the check engine light comes back on.

So my first day I bought the car, it needed regular maintenance; disk brakes, rotors, new tires, new things under the hood.

At 115,000 the alternator gave up. It cost me 600$ to fix.

An oil leak; they had to drop the transmission from the car to fix the leak, which it ran me 1,850$ for the 2 times that they dropped the transmission for the oil leaks. I decided to swap mechanics because the other ones didn't do good. Well at 100,000k miles cars tend to need big parts replaced. Just because the car costs 7,000$ or 5,000$, doesn't mean you're free of maintenance cost.

I bought it because it's a good looker and they don't look cheap. So I fixed up my car (no check engine light), kept it for one year and sold it because I liked it SO much I decided to buy a 2006 Aero Convertible 20th Edition V6 250 horsepower (0-62 in 6.9 seconds).

All you people who are looking for low maintenance cars; well Saab isn't your type of car, if that's what you're looking for. Once again, get an American car, or get a Kia if that's what you want. They are there for people to use if you just want any car... A SAAB isn't just any car... it requires much more. That, only SAAB enthusiasts understand.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2013

21st Feb 2013, 10:17

Actually, if I wanted a cheap-to-buy but expensive-to-maintain car, I would probably be looking at a 8-10 year old BMW, Jaguar or Benz, not a SAAB.

28th Aug 2013, 09:48

Doesn't really sound like you could afford maintenance if you're buying it used from a cheap dealership. Anyway, you'd be better off getting a VW or Bimmer; at least they still make those.

12th Jan 2014, 20:02

And that is why Saab is effectively out of business, and from now on is a Saab in nameplate only.

Kinda like those Kawasaki drills you get at Costco.

Just a fancy name plate slapped onto terrible Chinese manufacturing (for now).