1998 SAAB 900 2.0


The best of the last, alas


I smashed the transmission case and had it welded for $100 - my fault.

Convertible top motors failed at 110K, and I just muscled it up and down. Became a TR4 or MG as it were.

Dented a few rims, NYC roadways/pot holes. Used rims were 200, and that was a hassle, but no fault of the car. Raised the tires to 55 vs 50 profile, and that helped.

Turbo eventually slowed or ceased to work. I never really noticed because I never stomped the gas. I think it still works, but I never really engaged it, racing or anything.

Mileage was great. Gave the car to a friend, and I don't know if he has begun a restore or not. Last of the true SAABs. 1998 is the only one I'd ever buy. Classy, luxurious and sporty.... Very nice 1998 and prior.

SAAB marque pre-1998, RIP, well done!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2013

1998 SAAB 900


Saabs are complete junk - stay away!


This car was the worst I've have ever owned.

I've bought it with only 7,000 miles and it only lasted me with 40,000 miles.

Something wrong with the transmission stuck on the last gear.

Has electrical problems.

Check engine and gear box light was on.

This car is trash! I hate it and I will never buy another saab again.

General Comments:

Saab's are expensive to own.

The "check engine/check gearbox" message came on randomly. When this happens the car goes into the last gear will barely move.

Parts are expensive to repair.

So at 40,000 miles, I got rid of the car. For less problems just go buy a Toyota and it will last the best.

Letting you know that Saab's are CRAP!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2008

19th Mar 2012, 15:25

Obviously you had a terrible experience, it can happen. But in general Saabs are great cars (especially the old ones). They're reliable and cope with long mileage.

1998 SAAB 900 SE Turbo Convertible 2.0 turbo


Fun to drive, but very pricey to fix. Constant problems lead to an uncertain future with the car


At 88,000 the tensioner pulley went and I had to get new belts and pulleys for around $675.

Replaced antenna mast and drive motor for $250.

Motor for the tonneau cover does not work and must be raised by hand; estimated cost at $900 to repair. The top does go down fine except for the tonneau raising.

My biggest gripe is the constant stalling of the vehicle; to try to remedy this I have done the following.

PCV and throttle body cleaning-$224

Throttle Cable and Fuel Filter-$315


...and the car still stalls...

General Comments:

The car is very quick and fun to drive. It's great to open up on the interstate or on back country roads.

Very solid handling, 100mph for this car is nothing.

Easy to use interior with great features.

Nice to drive something that not many others have.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2008

23rd Feb 2011, 06:53

This is the fourth SAAB that I have owned. All have been in the 900 type four cylinder. All of the previous SAABs I have owned were purchased new and I ran for more than 170,00 miles before trading them in.

I currently have a 98 SAAB 900 SE Turbo convertible with over 140,000 miles. I purchased this car from a dealer when the car was three years old with 18,000 miles and have no complaints. The car runs like a dream.

I have my local mechanic getting parts for a brake job to be performed later this week. The convertible top is still in good condition and operates properly.

This is my fun car that I primarily now use only to drive to and from the the golf course. Most important is my car is NOT for sale. It is my toy that I do let my wife use occasionally.


1998 SAAB 900 SE 2.0 turbo


Dependable, good drive, watch for lemons


Purge Valve Failure 111000m

Leather Seats Wearing when purchased.

LED Readout of information display losing pixels.

General Comments:

Driver's seating and cabin excellent layout and comfort.

Seats are very comfortable. Driving for 4-6 hours is comfortable.

Seating Position may be awkward for some American drivers. Upright.

Power is good, turbo lag and throttle response are drawbacks.

Body roll more is high and car tends to plow into turns under braking.

Acceleration is slow at low speeds. Great at highway speeds.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

11th Dec 2009, 23:25

Is your Saab Information Display still not displaying all the pixels? I found a website by the name of www.saabusaparts.com that can rebuild your SID for $145.80. You just take it out of your car and send it to them. Hope this helps!!!

1998 SAAB 900 S 1.7


Good car, lousy manufacturer support


Engine noise after starting, a zip for a second.

General Comments:

Engine light on (6/2000) no default found, therefore nothing wrong.

First repair for above: no noise found.

Second repair: replaced battery.

Third repair: replaced starter.

Fourth repair: sludge in the engine, warranty void. Saab will not help with a solution for repair or replacement, and the dealer is not interested either.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2001

25th Jun 2001, 15:25

Just curious you mention the engine size... the smallest engine Saab makes is a 2.0 litre. Also you mention sludge in the engine and the dealer will not help, I could be wrong but sludge usually refers to the oil not being changed. If it was not changed regularly, i.e. at least every 5,000km, then yes, your engine will knock and eventually seize. This is definitely not a manufacturer or dealer problem, and they are well within their right to refuse to help (if this is the case)... maybe there's more to this story, but the information given doesn't say much.

28th Oct 2006, 00:02

Engine sludge in the 2.0 Turbo of this vintage is quite common, even with the most rigorous maintenance schedule.

13th Jun 2014, 14:48

Actually the 2.0 turbo in the 900 SE did not have sludge issues; if I remember correctly, it was the 2.3 naturally aspirated engine in the 900 S (which the poster has, not a 1.7L) which did have some sludge issues.

Later engines in the 9-5 from 1999 - 2003 had terrible sludge issues. This was finally resolved in 2004 model year 9-5s.