Saturn Aura reviews from North America


Aura XRE 3.6

Very satisfied

85 words, 2 comments

Aura XE 2.4

82 words, 1 comment


Aura XR 3.6L

Poor engineering

82 words

Aura XE 3.5

Reasonable quality, European style, with a good price when new

195 words

Aura XR 3.6

Best GM car I have ever owned!

368 words

Aura XE 3.5L V6

That's a Saturn?

1296 words

Aura XR 3.6

Spend a little more money and get a reliable car

190 words, 6 comments

Aura XE 3.5

Great so far; will post with more when needed

466 words, 4 comments