Reliable, has few problems for a high mile car. Great gas mileage!

204 words

SC SC2 1.9 I4 DOHC

Excellent, reliable commuter

156 words, 2 comments

SC 2

It is a reliable car that gets me from point A to B with very few issues

177 words


A good small car good for a single short person with no family

178 words, 1 comment

SC 2 1.9L Twin Cam 4 cylinder

I love this car

158 words


Wonderful car!

71 words

SC sc2 1.9

Best overall, most reliable and fun to drive of my past 6 cars

382 words


It's a wonderful car that was built with care and I'd love to have it back

180 words

SC SC2 1.9 liter DOHC 16v gasoline

Sporty reliable car

494 words, 2 comments

SC SC2 coupe 1.9L DOHC turbo charged

This car is the Best car I've ever owned, and very fun to drive

33 words

SC SC2 twin cam

It is a total waste of money

253 words, 3 comments

SC sc2 1.8

Worth the price

88 words

SC SC2 1.9L DOHC-4

Love this car and would buy another

67 words

SC 1.9

Gas saving bargain car, but too small for a family

64 words

SC SC2 1.9 Twin Cam

A fantastic, safe sports car

340 words

SC SC1 1.9 SOHC 100 hp 4 cylinder

An American Honda

275 words, 3 comments

SC SC2 1.4 Liter, Twin cam, 16v, 4-cylinder

Overall good car with some minor glitches

243 words

SC 2 1.8

The worst car I've ever owned

433 words, 20 comments

SC 1

A short-term solution for a transportation problem

288 words, 1 comment

SC 1.9L

High performance bargain!

148 words

SC -2

Not worth the headache

338 words

SC SC1 4 cylinder

Good car, too small!

95 words

SC SC1 1.9

A fun, economical, and safe car, with a sharp look to it

378 words, 7 comments


A great mix between sporty and economy

201 words

SC SC2 1.9

Semi-reliable cheap sports car

182 words, 1 comment

SC SC2 1.8

Saturns are garbage

47 words


I will never buy another one

73 words, 42 comments


126 words