2002 Saturn SL 1.9 SOHC


Very slow but very reliable for me


Every motor mount replaced at 184k.

Shift cables at 184k.

Alternator at 185k.

Has had a small valve cover leak since purchased (1 quart oil every 3000 miles).

General Comments:

Great gas mileage.

Not fast.


Handles very nice for a cheap ride.

Cold air conditioner.

Warm heat.

Easy to work on.

Turn key car.

If you buy one, you better know how to take care of a car. These engines love NGK spark plugs and they love it when you check and make sure their oil and coolant levels are in a safe range and changed on time.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2018

2002 Saturn SL SL1 4 cylinder




Ignition failed around 170,000.

Clutch went out 232,000.

General Comments:

Not a sports car, but a perfect commuter.

Great gas mileage, very reliable.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2013

20th Jun 2013, 13:28

Saturn 2002 SL.

It's a great little car. I recommend this car.

It's reliable, great on gas, and it always starts up.

2002 Saturn SL SL1


A poor-man's dream


Nothing but tire changes, brake changes, general maintenance, and the key needed to be replaced due to wear.

General Comments:

If you're interested in a value vehicle and don't mind the stigma associated with driving this car, then you have a winner.

This car consistently gets 30+mpg - especially when it is driven < 70km/hr. If however you do a lot of highway driving, this car probably isn't for you, as I find the mileage goes down significantly because the rpm rev higher (i.e. 3-4,000+ rpm) when driven 100+ km/hr., particularly in hilly areas.

Otherwise though, this car is great. It has loads of room for a sub-compact, and the back seats can be lowered for long items. The gas use is great, and the overall reliability is much better than average.

It's true that this car feels EVERY bump in the road, so just watch the potholes and your suspension should be good for the life of the vehicle. The car even drives remarkably well in the snow as well, even without snow tires.

This car has been the best value ever. This car can easily go another 100,000km no problem - all for under $5,000.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2011

2002 Saturn SL SL1 1.9 SOHC


A Saturn money pit!!!


The car has had a lot of problems; firstly, the transmission wouldn't shift into reverse when the car got hot; you would have the hold the brake and press the gas to get the car to engage into reverse. This would cause a neutral drop scenario, which caused the transmission mount to fail.

Secondly, the engine has burned tons of oil. I have to add 3 quarts of oil in-between oil changes to keep it in the safe range on the dipstick. The engine light came on one day, and the engine stopped in the middle of a 3 lane highway, I pulled the car over, and the tow truck that came, told me the engine was seized. Once it went to the dealership, they told me the engine had spun a bearing, and I would need a new crankshaft.

After that 2,000 dollar bill, the interior started rattling like crazy, and the engine would idle erratically. Once I find a reliable car for a good used price, I'm going to trade it in, because I can't keep up with the repairs any more.

General Comments:

The car is a MONEY PIT!!!

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Review Date: 11th December, 2010

21st Dec 2010, 20:43

Hey, at least your cylinder head didn't crack and suck all the oil out of the crank shaft into the radiator like mine did.

23rd Oct 2015, 07:38

You got a 'lemon'. Everything is still original except the water pump! Great vehicle!

2002 Saturn SL


The Saturn SL1 has been a money pit


Exhaust pipe broke twice.

Knock sensor replaced once.

Knock sensor needs to be replaced again.

Oxygen sensor replaced.

Driver's side spring coil broke.

Driver's side brakes replaced.

Timing belt replaced.

Vacuum hose re-connected (idling high).

General Comments:

Every year I have to get the car inspected, I blow $300-600 dollars just to pass NY state inspection. The check engine light is ALWAYS on.

I hardly ever drive the car; 23K miles in five years.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2010

3rd May 2010, 20:47

Move your car off your lawn and you won't have parts rusting and braking under your car... just because you don't drive it, doesn't mean it's not exposed to the elements. That could be even worse if she sits for long periods of time. Gas gums up, oil gets sludgy, metal oxidizes, yadayadayada.

4th May 2010, 17:37

It's a common misconception that cars that are rarely driven rarely have problems. Cars that are driven the least usually have the most problems. Oil degrades, transmission fluid degrades, rubber gets tough and things rust more easily. A regularly driven, well maintained car, is a happy car.

25th Jul 2014, 17:44

The Saturn S-series doesn't even have a timing belt, it has a chain.