xA 1.5

Comfortable fuel saver!

396 words

xA Standard 1.5L DOHC I4 engine

Awesome purchase

170 words, 1 comment


Comfortable, Inexpensive and Reliable

186 words

xA none 1.5 liter gasoline

Very nice, quality, small car with lots of features for not a lot of money

383 words, 5 comments


xA 1.5

I wouldn't know what to do if my xA were destroyed

211 words, 1 comment

xA 1.5L

They never should have stopped building the xA

115 words, 3 comments

xA 1.5 Liter Gas

Boring car trying to appeal to young adults

94 words

xA 1.5 liter

Affordable, compact and fun to drive

684 words, 19 comments



Fun to drive!

238 words

xA 1.5

Nice small car for poor people

179 words


Great buy

148 words