2003 smart roadster Coupe .698 turbo


A delight to drive, the brakes have got me out of trouble several times, and it corners `on rails`!


Local dealership (not original seller) replaced boot hinges under warranty, very helpful, no questions.

General Comments:

Before my test drive, the entry procedure was explained (enter with seat right back, then adjust - always push seat right back to exit, leaving it in re-entry position) thereafter, no difficulties!

A smart car weblog suggested a water entry cure by the (very) careful `adjustment` of the `immovable` 1/4 screen.

The spare wheel is a `repair system` in the passenger footwell (but I would not fancy using it on a midwinter`s night .. when such problems generally happen!!). I experienced a `slow` and drove to a tyre depot expecting to get it repaired, but the sidewall piercing thorn meant a new tyre, and not `shopping around`, meant a `no alternative, non-matching brand` tyre!

I think the fuel tank is small, but the gauge is very helpful - most fuel I have bought is 31.27L with only 1.5L remaining, and 383 miles travelled - capacity is officially 35L.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th November, 2006