1991 Subaru Justy GL 1.2 EFI


Great, fun, and reliable beater


When I got the car (which was free), it had low compression.

Its transmission jumped out of first, and 2nd and 3rd didn't work.

Its trans also leaked gear oil as fast as you could put it in.

I hit a hole, and broke the exhaust and sway bar.

The CV axle started clicking, but never broke.

After 2 1/2 years, the transmission lost 1st gear and the clutch fried.

General Comments:

I just used this car as a yard beater. It lasted through the heck I put it through.

It drove great, and handled really well.

It put up with a 13 year old's abuse and trashing.

I beat on it for 2 1/2 years, and it still runs to this day (though it won't move).

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Review Date: 20th June, 2009

1991 Subaru Justy GL 1.2 liter gas


A cool, tough beater


Many dents.

Tires wear unevenly.

Low oil pressure when warm.

Leaks gear oil really bad.

Nonoperative speedometer.


Second, third gears do not work.

General Comments:

I am amazed at this car's toughness.

I bash this car unmercilessily, and it still fires right up on the first try.

I go off road in this car and it is only a front wheel drive with a 5 speed. All of those problems were there when I got it.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2005

1991 Subaru Justy 1.2 3 cylinder


Good deal if you can find one in good condition


Slow oil leak in valve cover gasket replaced under warranty. Still leaks, but so slowly that I've never had to add oil.

Seatbelt buckles tend to get caught when closing the door and gouge the interior.

Has always had a tendency to stall when coming to a stop in the first few minutes of operation. Frequent use eliminates this.

General Comments:

Okay, my wife finally replaced her 18-year old vehicle, so my turn for a new car is up next. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I don't need one. This machine still runs and is anything from a commuter to a utility vehicle.

While small, the car is solid. I believe that its curb weight is 2,650 pounds. A month after I bought it, I rear-ended someone and supposedly totaled their car. Me, I had to spend $5 on a new license plate frame.

Years ago, I would get 44MPG city. This is no exaggeration. These days due to the vehicle's age, personal driving style, and local terrain, fuel economy is in the 30s. The 1.2 liter engine provides consistent, albeit slow acceleration. Top speed is unknown, but over 100.

The small footprint of twelve-inch tires probably help the MPG. Also, they're the cheapest ones you can buy.

I have heard bad things about the automatic transmission in the Justy, so watch out for that. My manual is fine.

The hatchback has carried some fairly impressive cargo that nothing, but vans and pickup trucks should be able to manage. A mini pool table, 27-inch TV, 32-inch TV, 8-foot aluminum ladder, and 10-foot PVC pipe (admittedly bent into an arc). Actually, the ladder and pipes wouldn't have even fit into a truck without hanging out the back.

It's starting to rust around the wheelwells and inside the door frame, but after 13 years, I guess that's pretty good.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2004

7th Jun 2004, 22:32

The curb weight on your Justy is nowhere near 2650 lbs. The AWD models were 2045 lbs and the fwd models were under 2000 lbs.

It is still several hundred pounds heavier than a Geo Metro however.

20th Apr 2005, 17:12

I don't know where you guys are getting your vehicle weight figures from. Maybe you are confusing curb weight with gross weight. The early 2WD cars were 640KG and that translates to just over 1400 LBS American! The heaviest cars were the 5 door, 4WD Series II (1989-1994) cars and they were barely pushing one ton (two thousand LBS.)

9th Sep 2005, 10:29

Aside from nitpicking the actual weight, the car is accurately described as "solid" in a frontal crash. I don't know what's up with cars these days where the front bumper cracks in half upon impact, though it probably absorbs more necessary shock in a high-speed crash. It's absolutely ridiculous at low speeds.

Anyway, Justy - solid. At least from the front. Where people are usually scared of subcompact cars is the side-impact and the Justy is no exception. Its doors are, like, twice as thick as the Tracker's, but that's not saying much. You might want to stick with something that has reinforced siderails and side airbags.

26th Jul 2007, 01:29

We were hit by a small Chevy pickup truck. The old man driving the S10 hit us at more than 30 miles per hour. Never saw us, and never hit the brakes. The force of the crash sent my 1600 lb 88 Justy at least 150ft, almost knocking us off the road. After the crash, I drove the car home. Need I say more. Was amazed how good the car could take a hit like that.

1991 Subaru Justy GL 4WD 1.2L 3-cylinder


Economical little 4WD that handles like a sports car.


I haven't had the car long enough yet for anything to go wrong with it. The engine was shot (bad crank) when I bought the car. I bought a complete parts car, rebuilt that engine and swapped it into mine. Since then everything has worked great!

General Comments:

The Justy is one heck of a fun car to drive! The overall handling is great and the ride is pretty decent as well. 4WD is awesome in the snow!!!

Gas mileage is good for a 4WD, around 30-32MPG.

Completely stock, the car is somewhat noisy inside. But after applying various kinds of sound dampening products all over the interior sheet metal, it's pretty quiet now.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2003