Legacy L Wagon 2.2

The Energizer Bunny of cars

402 words

Legacy LS 2.2 liter NA

Solid AWD car, but requires periodic maintaince

234 words

Legacy L Wagon 2.2L N/A

Best do it all in one car for the money for me

239 words

Legacy Brighton

Good highway car

313 words, 1 comment

Legacy Brighton 2.2

Pain to fix, but still great

336 words, 2 comments

Legacy L 2.2

Expensive to repair

115 words, 13 comments

Legacy L AWD Wagon 2.2 litre Gasoline

Winter weather wonder--and as good in summer, to boot

318 words, 1 comment

Legacy Outback 2.2

A mountain goat with comfy seating

149 words

Legacy L 2.0

An extremely dependable vehicle

41 words, 4 comments