2004 Subaru Legacy L 35th Anniversary 2.5 California Spec


A reliable soundly built sports sedan


No mechanical issues or warning signs.

No pings, rattles, or squeaks.

At 30mph the automatic tranny doesn't know which gear to use. It will opt for a higher gear and go to 1500 rpm, or stay at lower gear and rev around 2200.

General Comments:

Ride is firm and offers loads of grip. I'd even go as far as calling it sporty. Steering is tight, well balanced, and you always feel in control.

It's quick off the line, but only because of the AWD. 40-60mph acceleration is quite slow, but it easily cruises at 80mph and asks for more. I blame the automatic tranny for the slow acceleration. It could really use a 5 speed, since 80mph has the engine revving at 3000rpm.

Averages 28mpg with 75% highway driving at superlegal speeds. I'm banking it can do 30+ mpg given the right setup.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2010

8th Jul 2010, 13:05

Actually, a 5-speed manual transmission would probably INCREASE highway RPM's. Automatics (at least today's automatics) tend to keep the engine at a lower RPM on the highway than manuals. For example, my car has a 5-speed manual transmission, and at 80 MPH, the engine turns at about 3600 RPM in top gear. I had my car in for service not to long ago. I was given a loaner car identical to my car except it had an automatic transmission. At 80 MPH, the automatic was only turning about 2700 RPM. The reason for this? Today's automatics have very high overdrive ratios.

16th Sep 2012, 00:47

Not so much... we own a stick Focus and an automatic Focus.. and they both have the same overdrive ratio. Um we are at 2400 RPM at 60mph... it depends on the car.