Outback 2.5

An engineering masterpiece

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Outback Limited 2.5L H4

A fun and useful vehicle that needs more power, less body roll, and more space

399 words

Outback 2.5

Simple but reliable car, and is easy to maintain

136 words

Outback 2.5

Great car

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Outback 4 cylinder

A versitile, reliable, practical car that wants to be rode hard

367 words

Outback Legacy 2.5 Liter

She loved me for a while, then she betrayed me

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Outback 2.5L

Stay away from Subaru

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Outback 2.5

Great driving car, but does not meet current standards of reliability - especially Japanese

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Outback 2.5

You can't go wrong with a subura outback will buy again

198 words

Outback 2.5L

39 words

Outback Legacy 2.5L 162 HP

Seemed good, but dealer service on North Vancouver Island BC CA POOR

135 words

Outback Legacy V6

Nice if I was ever able to afford the repairs to drive it

220 words, 23 comments

Outback 2.5

Overall a good, tight reliable car

110 words

Outback Limited 2.5

Expensive to run, but functional wagon

120 words

Outback Legacy 2.5 litre

Good car with some long wear issues

313 words, 20 comments


Great car for most all occasions

160 words

Outback 2.5L

Safe, reliable, and fairly well built car

154 words, 3 comments

Outback 2.5 liter

The perfect choice for the outdoors person who is smart enough to not choose a gas guzzling SUV

63 words


If Hondas had AWD, Subaru would have nothing to offer

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Outback 2.5

An exemplary machine, but not automotive art

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