1998 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5L


Not sure I'll get another one-looking at the Honda Pilot


I was told I had a blown head gasket in January of 2005.

Estimate around $2500.00, so I got a second opinion - nothing wrong.

I had the radiator flushed/filled and some other work for around $400.00.

The car is running hot again and has had 3 thermostats. Is that the problem? (Current mileage 163,000) At what stage do you give up and let it go?

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2007

28th Nov 2007, 08:52

Try replacing the lower radiator hose with a new hose that is reinforced with a coil spring inside, like the old fashioned hoses. You can get them at an auto parts store. One of the reviews last year suggested this is the culprit. It seems the lower hose collapses and shuts off coolant flow.

1998 Subaru Outback 2.5L


Nice car for 60,000 miles then watch out!


Loved our 1998 Outback when we got it... BUT... had to replace main seals at 65k, shortly after car went out of warranty - about $1200. Then had to replace cam seals at 75k (another few hundred bucks). My nephew who had a 1998 Impreza had nearly identical experience. Now at 122k, have blown head gasket... Subaru was completely unconcerned about the fact that seals were going at ca. 65k miles - offered no help at all. We're trying to find a Toyota or a Honda that will suit our needs. Am concerned that Subaru hasn't addressed any of the issues in newer models - which haven't been out long enough to tell.

What lousy customer service. I'll never recommend a Subaru to anyone.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2007

8th Jan 2008, 15:13

I've had the exact same problems with my Subaru. When I first bought the car the brakes failed, and the dealer blew me off. Now I've spent 3000. fixing oil leaks, and it didn't work. The car has more fluid leaks than the Titanic. It has cost me a fortune in repairs, and has broken down so often that the AAA guy knows me by name when he sees me. It was fun to drive, but never fun to maintain.

1998 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon 2.5


Subaru Legacy Outback Limited Edition is a great car

General Comments:

The Limited Edition Wagon has everything I need, including 2 moon-roofs; CD-changer, heated seats, etc.

Power is o.k. for a 4-cyl.; love the All-Wheel-Drive.

I bought the car used and got an extended warranty. The only thing I don't like is the cup holder in the dash. That is about the dumbest thing I've seen.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2007

1998 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5 DOHC


The Subaru Outback Limited is one great car and should be seriously considered!


The clutch is the only problem area I have faced with this car. However, I have recently learned that when the dealer serviced the car at 165000 miles to replace the clutch, the clutch pack was all that was replaced. The pressure plate is still bad and it has worn out another clutch.

Poor score for dealer service! The car is GREAT!

General Comments:

I find the front seats to be tiresome on long drives, but the seat heaters help some.

This car performs flawlessly in all weather conditions and is THE best vehicle for the snow. ATTN snow-belt dwellers: BUY ONE OF THESE!

For the size there is admirable cabin and storage space. All controls are well placed. The car is fun to drive and performs reasonably well.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2007

1998 Subaru Outback 2.5


Great wagon, very practical, rugged, and easy to maintain


The only major problem was blown head gasket at 85000 miles (mostly short trips) and it will cost $1600 to fix.

It's had a few oil leaks that were worked on when they replaced the timing belt.

Also, I had to have front brake pads replaced at 81000 miles at a cost of $200. If this were a German car, that would have cost a grand.

General Comments:

Overall, a very reliable car. Quiet, comfortable, undramatic (a good thing).

Keeping my fingers crossed that the new gaskets will hold.

People shouldn't be so quick to bash Subies. My 1995 Impreza went 88000 miles without any problems (at which point I sold it). Not so much as a squeak or rattle. Maybe I should have kept it! As for my 1998 Outback, it has been very reliable.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2007

7th Mar 2010, 11:08

Thank you for your information. I am looking at a used Outback. I have an older Legacy wagon that is just tired. When I worked in the wagon, I replaced everything it needed myself. I have been working on my own cars since high school. My grandfather's cousin was a welder, and a started working on cars when Model T Fords were new. I was able to get a lot of information and instruction from him. I enjoyed reading your information.

Thank you.