Outback 2.5 DOHC

Japanese tank. A very safe car

180 words

Outback 2.5L

If you have the skills, and need AWD, this is your car. Otherwise, get a Honda or Toyota

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Outback 2.5

What to do when the gasket fails

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Outback GT 2.5

This is my fifth Subaru, and I won't leave its AWD any time soon. Unbelievably dependable

171 words


Love the car and AWD, but find the head gasket / overheating problems a constant worry

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Outback Wagon 2.5L

Subaru engines are not as tough as the car itself

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Outback Legacy Limited 2.5L 4 cylinder

Piece of junk!

110 words

Outback 2.5

Costing more money to repair than the car is worth

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Comfortable, cushy, holds the road, but both engine and tranny failed at 95k so unsatisfied.

294 words

Outback Ltd 2.5

Fairly good unitil 120,000, then big $$$

184 words

Outback 2.5

Subaru sucks!!! Will not own another

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Outback Legacy AWD 2.5

Solid and reliable

175 words

Outback 2.5L DOHC


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Outback L 2.5L

I love the handling in the snow, and it's about as good as you can look if you must drive a wagon

159 words

Outback 2.5L Phase I

Great winter car, if you can afford the repairs.

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Outback 2.5

A well polished penny

110 words

Outback 2.5

Wonderful AWD Car

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Outback Limited 2.5L

Excellent road handling with All Wheel Drive system in snow and ice, but substandard value overall

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Outback 30 year Limited Edition 2.5L DOC

An extreme maintenance disappointment

71 words

Outback Limited 4 cylinder

Practical in winter, but high maintenance/high-cost

81 words, 2 comments

Outback Limited Edition 2.5L

A moderate value for a All Wheel Drive family car

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Outback 30th Anniv Ltd Ed 2.5L

A $30000 Piece of Junk

92 words, 8 comments


Very reliable and great in winter weather

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