1986 Subaru XT GL 1.8


The car, I think, is a fun, project car, if you are one who wants to spend a lot of money with upkee


The clutch went out, both front CV axles went out, power steering pump leaks, overheats even with the A/C on, rear trailer bar rusted through which rubbed my tires against the springs, fuel door would not open, fuel gauge did not work, and the whole exhaust was falling off.

General Comments:

Once repaired, I found the car very fuel efficient, minoeuverable, and fun to speed around. Although, the car could use some more horsepower.

They are very unique when it comes to there fighter jet instrument cluster set-up, and the one windshield wiper that does back and forth.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2005

1987 Subaru XT GL 1.8L MPFI


An excellent subaru, wow


The clutch had to be changed.

Needed new CV boots on both front axles

(Still using original CV axles).

Exhaust system was rusted out.

Minor surface rust.

Both camshaft seals were leaking oil.

Oil pump.

New struts.

Transmission main bearings worn.

General Comments:

Excellent reliable car.

Lots of room for driver and passenger.

Backseat area is small, not good for tall people.

The whole inside of this car is cool, it looks like you are sitting in the cockpit of a jet.

This car takes off fast and can lay a 45 foot patch of rubber with both front tires.

Passing cars on the highway is no problem, but acceleration slows down after 160KPH.

I've had this car up to 220 KPH with the engine at redline.

I wonder if the new subaru WRX is as reliable as this car is.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2002

24th Nov 2007, 07:24

Well.. I haven't found any reviews on a Subaru XT.. but maybe you can help..

Comparison.. how is it to this car? (if you know..)

And all I know about this XT is it's 5spd... and it's 4cyl.