Celica All-Trac 2.0L I4 DOHC turbo (3SGTE)

Awesome piece of rally history, just hard to upkeep

796 words

Celica GT Convertible 3SFE

A beautiful piece of Toyota engineering!

184 words, 3 comments

Celica GT 3FSE, 1.8L(?)

I miss this car very, very much

414 words

Celica GT 3SFE

I miss it quite a lot

299 words

Celica GT Convertible

This car is the best

85 words, 2 comments

Celica ST 2.0

The guy I finally sold it to for $200 committed suicide... I can't help, but feel partly responsible

209 words, 2 comments

Celica Alltrac(GT-Four) 3SGTE(2.0 turbo)

One of the best AWD turbo cars ever made

403 words, 1 comment

Celica GT-Four 3S-GTE(2.0 DOHC turbo)

Vastly expensive, yet well worth it!

406 words

Celica GT 22R

This car is reliable, fun, and you can park it anywhere

240 words

Celica GT 2 liter 3SFE

Buy one, but check carefully for rust

912 words, 2 comments

Celica ST 2.0L gasoline

This Celica is a really nice car

245 words, 2 comments

Celica GT 2.0

A sleeper

67 words

Celica ST 2.0

Cheap first car for me

40 words

Celica GT 2.0

Reliable but sporty

68 words

Celica GT 2.0 L

More reliable than sporty, but friggin inexpensive. Bargain

141 words